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Hey guys, yep it’s Markus thanks for stopping in again. If your asking your self just what the hell this video has to do with transposing music? You guessed it “not a friggin thing.” 🙂 What it serves is to be a calming, enjoyable experience while you learn something about theory, which is considered by most to be dry and boring.

If you could take just one thing from this video, notice how these two guitarist are playing the same song right. But! “and as it should be,” they aren’t playing the same voicing. That right there is a good tip for you, as it drives me crazy when two or more guitarist are playing the same chords and rhythm patterns.

Keeping It Simple Amigo!…

Any hoo… I wanted to show you very quickly a trick I learned a long time ago on how to transpose songs from one key to another.

transpose-music any-key

The song here is just something simple I jotted down. It’s in the key of D as you can see. But let’s just say, for instance, that we want to go to the key of E.

What you do is, you begin on D and work your way up the notes as they would appear on the keyboard in order from D, working your way up E, F, G, A, B and C.

transpose-music any-key

Then what you do, is you just bring down your E and same thing in order: F, G, A, B, C, and D.  And what this is going to do, is it is immediately going to show you which chord you’re going to be changing from one key to another.

transpose-music any-key

Here we have the D, and we’re going to replace that now with E. Once again D with E here and you can even transpose your sharps or flats if you have any of those, same thing.

F sharp now becomes G sharp, so that’s a E with the G sharp bass, if you’re playing guitar, you can just stick with the E, if you’re playing keyboard, you can split the two.

transpose-music any-key

G now becomes an A and it’s G2 so it becomes an A2 if you want to play in a 2.

B minor is going to become a C sharp minor. One thing that you want to remember with C and with F, if you were transposing an E minor, you would actually take this F up a half step to an F sharp minor.

transpose-music any-key

Now you’re seeing that here again with C, it’s becoming a C sharp minor.

F and C, when you take those into a minor especially when you’re playing in sharps, they will move up to a F sharp minor or a C sharp minor.

So if it doesn’t sound right, make sure that you’re playing C sharp minor or an F sharp and not just a F sharp or a C sharp.

You can work your way through the whole song with this method and it works in any key. Let’s just say for instance now we’re in the key of E and we want to move up again, now let’s go to the key of B.

Do the same thing with B and work your way up, C, D, E, F, G, and A, that is once again going to show you, if you’re going from E to B, you replace E with B.

transpose-music any-key

Just use the appropriate chords and it works for any song, any key. Of course you can use this with any instrument. You’ll soon realize this is the quickest and easiest way to transpose a song, without having much knowledge of Theory and The Circle of Fifths, thing- a-ma-jigg… 🙂


Now the power is in your hands… If you have any questions, be sure to leave me a comment or get me a message and I’ll try to help you out in any way I can.


Markus with Transpose Music Any Key

I’ve been using this quick method for years now and it’s always come in pretty handy. Ok! use your powers for good and Transpose Music Any Key any damn time you want. 🙂

As I’ve said on occasion, I don’t teach and you can see why, but I do know that Paul Gilbert’s Guitar Lessons are top of the line.

Hope it helps out, see you next time here at Treble Clef Reviews. Have a great day.




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