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Yep! you heard that right. Some of the BEST ACOUSTIC GUITARS in the world are built in Spain. Great guitars, see who else thought so!

Spain has had a very long history of building classical and/or Flamenco Guitars. And even though we could find many Luthiers in Spain that build classical guitars, we’re just going to look at one.

This Luthiers family has been crafting quality guitars for over 130 years. Not many can boast about their family linage of artisans like they could. So to pull a direct quote  “Very few names have been as influential in the development and history of the guitar as the name José Ramírez” unquote.
Lets take a look at one of his guitars.

Ramírez Guitars  – The GH Model

Best Acoustic Guitars

Jose Ramirez Model GH Guitar

Now let me say first of all,due to the cost of this handmade guitar its not going to be for everyone.

However that being said José Ramírez Guitars builds different models ranging in cost from $1800 to $30K.

And maybe in this mix you just might find the Best Acoustic Guitar for you.

And you do have to keep one thing in mind when looking at these kind of guitars.

These are all hand made guitars from the ground up and Guitar Center doesn’t carry this kind of quality.

Ok so that was two things to keep in mind. 🙂

The José Ramírez GH Model – Retails at $4000

Best Acoustic Guitars

Jose Ramirez Model GH Guitar

  • Scale Length:  650mm
  • Top:  Solid Spruce top
  • Back & Sides:  Solid Indian Rosewood
  • Nut Width:  52mm
  • Nut Material:  Bone
  • Fingerboard:  Ebony
  • Cutaway:  No
  • Strings:  Ramirez Strings
  • Bridge Material:  Rosewood
  • Tuning Machines:  Gold with White Pearl Buttons
  • Rosette/Binding/Purfling:  Green, Mosaic inlay
  • Finish:  Lacquer
  • Case:  HumiCase Protégé


So there you have it, the skinny on this classical guitar in laymen’s terms of coarse. There’s not many of these in the big box stores that you can see or hear. But many of you already know what this guitar sounds like. Watch the video below and see if it don’t jog your memory!

The Beatles – And I Love Her [HQ Original Audio]

Yep! Model GH Stands for George Harrison

Thats a pretty smooth sounding nylon string classical guitar there. Just so you know I don’t own a Ramírez guitar,and couldn’t attest to the sound quality of this particular guitar.

But The Beatles thought it good enough to record, and you also got to remember that they didn’t have the technology we have today to alter the tone.

However I can tell you that I myself do own 2 nylon string guitars and both really sound good. But I’ve always like the sound of classical guitars anyway.

As with all of us musicians we usually own many guitars. And even though this is not about George Harrison Acoustic Guitars. It is about the one he owned the “Ramírez GH Model Guitar. But if your a fan like me you can check his collection at Harrisons Guitars.  Or better yet you can see the fab fours collection at Ed Romans Beatles Gear.

What Is The Best Acoustic Guitar?

Would it surprise you to know that I don’t know the answer to that?  Because that is really subjective in the first place.

What I can say is that it all depends on what fits you the best. What style of music are you playing? Will you at any point be playing music that will require a nylon string guitar? Are you going to be amplified or not?

As I said its subjective at best. But is this classical guitar one of the best made guitars?                   I personally think so, it ranks way up there in builds.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find many big box stores that carry these guitars. But if your interested here are a few places I’ve found for you. Some are used and some are new.

1. Ramírez Guitars
2. Dream Guitars
3. Reverb 
4. ebay

Some Final Thoughts

I do hope you liked looking at this guitar. And judging from the history and quality guitars of the José Ramírez family, then this model GH (George Harrison) guitar could just be one of Spain’s Best Acoustic Guitars.



Have you ever played this guitar?

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Check out this cool rendition of “And I Love Her” by Paul McCartney


8 thoughts on “Touch of Spain’s – Best Acoustic Guitars

  1. geoff-n-jane

    Hi Marcus,
    This is a very interesting article on the José Ramírez GH Model Guitar.
    We didn’t know that GH meant George Harrison.
    Geoff has played many different guitars and at one stage studied Classical Guitar. Although his guitars weren’t as high in quality, he always bought the best he could at the time.
    The video clip was awesome. It brought back memories of our younger years. I had to keep reminding myself that I was listening to the guitar and not the singer. lol
    The tone and quality of the guitar was evident.
    Thank you.

    1. Markus Post author

      Hello Jane, thanks for stopping by. I think José Ramírez makes some real quality classical guitars.
      As with any Luthier some of these guitars can get a bit costly but!
      As you can see and hear you can still get a very good acoustic guitar for an affordable cost.

      I liked that video as well it really brought back so many memories. I hope you took a look at the 2nd video, that was nice there.
      Jane you and Geoff come back and see me again.See you then.

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Tanya

    I just recently bought an acustic guitar… haven’t learned anything yet… but plan to take classes soon. I will definitely save your site to come back to . Love what you have going on here. Take Care!

    1. Markus Post author

      Good to see you here Tanya. Very cool on getting your acoustic guitar.
      I do hope its one that fits you well. Hey when your ready for lessons come and see me here.
      I do have a number of very good teachers you might want to take a look at. See you soon.

      Thanks 🙂

  3. Jason Thomas

    Hi Markus, although I’m sure that it’s a gorgeous guitar, but even if I had that kind of money I still wouldn’t buy it out of principle. I could buy a my entire collection of dream guitars for that price. I only have a cheap Crafter acoustic and to my ears it sounds lovely, if I ever did upgrade it would be either a Martin or a Taylor.

    I don’t even consider myself anywhere good enough to justify the price on this one. It’s ok for the likes of George Harrison though 🙂


    1. Markus Post author

      Welcome back Jay, Its funny you mention that principle thing.
      My wife often tells me to find a way to buy one of those expensive guitars.
      I tell her even if I had that kinda of money I just couldn’t justify it.
      I’d be to afraid of taking it out of the case let alone perform with it in some of the places I play.
      But they are nice to play just the same.

      This Ramirez GH model is really priced well its only about $2K and that pretty much what my Martin cost me.
      Hope you got the chance to see the last video as that was a good remake of that song.
      Thanks for stopping by Jay and looking forward to see you again.

      Thanks 🙂

      1. Jason Thomas

        I used to gig with a 1956 Gretsch Country Club and I was so paranoid someone would try to steal it that I couldn’t enjoy the actual performing. In the end i got one of the reissues, worst case scenario then was, if it was stolen, I could replace it almost like for like.

        1. Markus Post author

          I know where your coming from. Theres been times when I didn’t even want to un-case mine.
          More so for me working with a 12 piece band and some stages being small.
          I was always worried of dropping it,crashing it into mic stands, falling or someone knocking it over off the stand.

          So like you, the few expensive guitars that I have they aren’t taken along to perform with.
          I’ve heard it said in guitar enthusiast circles, that there are only two types of guitar collectors.

          1.Guitar players collections.
          Guitar players collections if they have one, generally consist of guitars that players play.
          I’m thinking thats where you and I fall into.

          2.Collectors Guitars, generally consist of guitars players (you and I) wouldn’t want to play.
          Gives them bragging rights, on having a one of a kind guitar and how much they paid for it.
          Just to have and show off never really made sense to me.

          I’m going to go out on the limb here, and say I’ve been around a lot of professional musicians.
          And I don’t think that even once have I seen someone performing with a guitar that cost $40K.

          Well Jay I’m starting to ramble and I don’t want to bore you with it. I’m glad you come back to see me.
          Hey while I got you here, what other Great Rockabilly Guitarist you got coming up at you site as I look forward to it.

          Thanks 🙂


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