The Secrets Revealed


How To Really Suck on Guitar

Let me start off by saying that I didn’t show that video to you to piss anyone off. It’s just presented to you to bring some humor on a Sunday afternoon. We all know that there are lots of self taught musicians out there, that are very proficient at their craft.

Secrets Revealed

The point I wanted to convey is that there is a learning curve we as players all go through. You will go thru it no matter how long it takes you. There are no Guitar Secrets to help speed this up.

So as a new guitar player my first suggestion would be to find a good Guitar Teacher. If thats not you right now, then at least find a friend that plays guitar and see if you can learn something from them.


Stop Start From The Basics

Living in a world of instant gratification, it becomes foreign to us as to why we have to spend time with such thing as learning curves. But I think what the video was showing us was that the things that get in our way when we want to learn something.

Things like pride, attitude, and that gratification thing. As we’re in just to much of a damn hurry to accomplish what we set out to do. When the first thing to do is Stop!
Start from the basics and from there get through that curve. I even have to do this occasionally as I’m no different.


You Want To Sound Like Who!

Just a quick story here. Years ago a very good younger friend of mine wanted to learn how to play the guitar, he ask if I would teach him. I replied that I don’t teach as it takes a special boys-playing-guitarperson to teach someone.

Thats just not me in any shape or form. But! I told him I would hook him up with a teacher and I did. After a month of lessons he quit and struck out on his own.

Because he said the teacher wasn’t teaching him to play like his favorite guitarists from Metallica “KirK Hammett

Every time I had asked how he was coming along on his Guitar Lessons, he would say great he was learning a lot. Two years passed then one day I was at his house and he wanted me to take him to the guitar store as he wanted to buy a new guitar pedal.

Hell I agreed but first I said lets play something! To my utter dismay he couldn’t play not one simply song, didn’t know any chords and with out a Guitar Tuner his guitar out of tune.

But what he could do is play a bunch of KirK Hammett’s licks from Master Of Puppets on a few of the strings that were kinda in tune.


Have More Than One Resource

What we were going to the Guitar Store for was, to buy a guitar pedal the salesman told him he guitar-pedalsneeded to achieve the sound he was looking for to copy KirK Hammett’s sound.

This would have been the 28th pedal for the boy! I told him I had no Guitar Secrets, but I did have a better idea.

Lets trade all your gear in and start from the bottom as I think that the salesman just wants to sell you a pedal.

He agreed so we loaded all his equipment up including whatever he was using as an amp. Only thing we left behind was his cheap Fender Squire Guitar and 1 guitar pedal.


Avoid This Scenario

frustrated-guitaristTraded it in got the money and left that store and never went back there again. Instead we went to a more reputable store across town and down sized his amp to a small 15 or 20 watt Marshall Practice amp. and pocketed the rest of the money.He smirked at the amp but listened.

Took it home and plugged it in (without a pedal ) And he was shocked as this was the closest sound to Metallica’s guitarist he had ever come to. Not to mention his wife burst in telling him to turn the damn thing down lol.

Then we took his extra money and hooked him up with another Guitar Teacher that was more to the style he was wanting to learn. You just got to know how to get the sound is your going for.


Embrace Your Learning Curve

Like I said the video is funny I think and it only kinda leads into what the intention of todays custom-guitar-neckpost is all about. Pick a Guitar that sounds good.

All guitars have their own sound and tonal qualities. Not every guitar is the right one for the style of music you predominately want to play.

And I think that should be the starting point from which you make a decision on which guitar to get. Then consider the cost against the quality your getting.

High cost of a guitar don’t always translat into a good sounding guitar. Just try to not to settle for something less than what you want.


PS. David Wallimann is the cat in the video. I’ve had him do some guitar work for me and it was spectacular. I can attest that he’s a very good Guitar Teacher. Go check him out at:

To this day I don’t know what Kirk Hammett’s rig set up is, If you know that info. fire me off a comment below and let me know.
And if by chance you think I was to hard on the boy, how do you think I should have handled it? Until next time.





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