Taylor Acoustic Guitars – One Direction

After celebrating 40 Years of building guitars, the list of Famous Artists that Play Taylor Acoustic Guitars is mounting including One Direction.
Yep! I’m shocked to as I didn’t know that boy bands played instruments, but this one does.
Enjoy the video of the Taylor Guitar being played below. It has a nice round sound. Listen

One Direction Performs “Little Things”

 One Direction

One don’t have to go far to find these guys. Hell the media has got them plastered every where.
But then you’d never expect anything less from The X Factor’s “Simon Cowell”.
To the best of my knowledge these guys are a British/Irish band.
That being said while I was looking for Artists who play Taylor Guitars I ran across them. And since they are on top of the charts today it makes this relevant. Besides they do have some good music. 🙂
As I said you can find them anywhere you look, but if your so inclined to have a closer look at them. You can find them here.

 Some Final Thoughts

Well as you’ve just heard in the video above Taylor Guitars builds some very nice sounding Acoustic Guitars. Even unplugged these guitars have a smooth sound, a balanced tone, they have a loud volume naturally and most of all Taylor Guitars are easy to play.

Master Luthier had a lot to do with the redesign or Taylor’s 800 series guitar. Beside some of thetaylor-guitar custom work done to bracing and materials of this acoustic, he has installed Taylor’s new Expression System pickup.

A Guitar To Match Any Style

So no matter what style of music your playing from jazz, blues, folk, strumming, fingerpicking, alternate tunings this 800 series Taylor Acoustic Guitar will be all that you ever need. You can check this guitar out at your local dealer.

If you happen to be one of those players who needs a quality acoustic guitar but want to have it more customized to you. Then you can start right here and Find Your Fit.

Or maybe you’d like to talk to someone from Taylor Guitars about a custom guitar for you, call 1-888-2TAYLOR

One Direction – Niall Horan and Dan Richards

Well there you go! It was nice to find out more about Taylor Guitars, the Luthiers that build them and the artists who play them. Until the next time we meet I’m going to be looking for some Custom Acoustic Guitars and Luthiers that are out of (what you might call) the main stream.

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Finally, Do you know what Airlines lets your guitar fly with you?
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Till we meet again.