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Music Business Marketplace – Myths – 2

music-business marketplaceWelcome back to Part 2 of this post I’ve put together here at Treble Clef Reviews. All about the Myths that you will encounter during your whole musical career.

Each and every day you will hear these un-truths. And whats amazing is you will start to hear of new ones coming into play the further along you go in your musical journey.

But before we go any further with this, if it’s your first time here so you can catch up please go read Part 1 of Music Business Marketplace – Myths here.

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Music Business Marketplace – Myths

music-business-marketplaceThis is going to be but a small part of this industry that we’re going to discuss today. And this topic just might become some what of a main stay on this site. As I know that many artists/guitarist can and will benefit from the information provided.

Not only that but it will save you money and put your career in your hands, which is where it should be anyway.

Let me first say that I’m going to talk to you as though we’r just sitting around shootin the shit. And if that offends you I am sorry but hey we’re guitar players and most of us work in bands and thats just how most of us talk. So if your getting a little squeamish nows the time to leave! We’ll wait for you, as we’re going to have a band meeting are you ready?

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