Music Business Marketplace – Myths

music-business-marketplaceThis is going to be but a small part of this industry that we’re going to discuss today. And this topic just might become some what of a main stay on this site. As I know that many artists/guitarist can and will benefit from the information provided.

Not only that but it will save you money and put your career in your hands, which is where it should be anyway.

Let me first say that I’m going to talk to you as though we’r just sitting around shootin the shit. And if that offends you I am sorry but hey we’re guitar players and most of us work in bands and thats just how most of us talk. So if your getting a little squeamish nows the time to leave! We’ll wait for you, as we’re going to have a band meeting are you ready?

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Songs With Alternate Tunings


Different Tuning For Each Song!!

At some point in time you will be wanting to explore the possibilities of Alternate Tunings.
This will open up a whole new frontier for you where the possibilities are are almost endless.

Some of the guitar players of yesteryear simply used Open Tunings to work around the Standard Tuning.

And just like then, todays guitarist still use these tunings in all styles of music. Lets see what you could be missing! Continue reading


Top 10 Guitar Brands


Have you seen these guitars yet?

Why the Top 10 Guitar Brands list you searched is wrong!
And why you should consider other Guitars not on that list.
See Guitars they don’t tell you about.

Today we’re going to take a look at a great Master Guitar Builder not talked about much.
I mean they’re not talk about much in the life of everyday guitar player’s.

And I think its partly due to the Big Box stores over exposing us to the top 3 -4 brands. That would be my take on it.

Nothing wrong with guitar builders like Fender, Gretch, Gibson, Martin, Taylor etc.
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What is the Circle of Fifths

handel-pictureIn looking at What is The Circle of Fifths we’ll discuss why you need it and what you need to do in order to learn it properly. See what Circle of Fifths can do.

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Guitar Lessons On Skype – 3 Best Tips

skype-guitar-teacher-in-black-leather-jacket-pointing-his-finger-at-youSo!  you’ve always wanted to play the guitar huh? But you think that learning on your own will be too difficult without a teacher.

No problem! Guitar Lessons and teachers pop up like weeds, they’re everywhere. You don’t have to be alone. If your one of those folks that wants a guitar teacher in your town, then I can’t stress this enough.

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Acoustic Guitar Care and Maintenance

gofferAt home or on the road, who do you look to for all your Acoustic Guitar Care and Maintenance needs? Find a guitar table substitution that fits your needs.

Okay so you just brought home your brand new guitar just a grinning from ear to ear!
I feel you man as I’ve been there a few times myself, nothing like that aahhh feeling is there?

After your first lesson you get bored and say What the Hell! I’m going to play my favorite Eddie Van Halen lick. Then you break your high E string, what now Eddie?
The look on your face will be priceless, so look to yourself to fix this. To safely do this you will need this in your tool box. You should find this Review helpful.

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ESP Tombstone Review – Acoustic Electric Guitars That Rock

Product: ESP Tombstone Review
Price: $641.00 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy:
My Rating: 4 of 5 Starz



 Tombstone J-430E NAT Acoustic Guitar, Product Overview

Set-Neck Construction
25.5” Scale
Mahogany Neck
Rosewood Body
Sitka Spruce Top
Rosewood Fingerboardmusic-art
Thin U Neck Contour
Jumbo Frets
Gold Hardware
LTD Tuners
Fishman Sonicore
Onboard Tuner
Rosewood Bridge w/Graphtech Nubone Saddle

When talking guitars you can’t leave ESP out of the equation, as they have been building the ultimate in Rock guitars for years now.

For those of us who own these guitars know the quality of these instruments. From day one they have built custom guitars right off the line.

A few years ago they released a Signature Series Tombstone GL-J2E for George Lynch with great amazonsuccess.
ESP Guitars unveils at NAMM 2015 its new line of Tombstone Acoustic Electric Guitars.

For us players that like a jumbo size acoustic guitar, the J-430E NAT is going to be a perfect fit for us.
The Tombstone J-430E NAT comes in a High Gloss Finish with Fishman lsys+ preamp.

Because of the neck design when your playing these acoustic guitars it feels as though your playing an electric guitar with an acoustic sound.

Quality Thats Playable Doesn’t Have to Cost

From the beginning ESP Guitars has been making affordable quality guitars for everyone. In every build you get the quality of a higher end guitar at a very affordable cost.

I can remember when playing an affordable guitar meant that you had to put up with a lot of acoustic-guitar-playerloss of quality.But not the Tombstone line, you can hear the quality.

Tombstone offers all their customers quality that is usually associated with more expensive acoustic guitars.

With you in mind you get a good sounding acoustic guitar.


Product: Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus, Review
Price: $749.50 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy:
My Rating: 2 of 5 Starz



Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus, Product Overview

Body Finish: Gloss
Bracing: Quartersawn Scalloped X
Body Back: Lyrachord
Scale: 25.25
Fingerboard: Rosewoodmusic-art-2
Fingerboard Radius: 10”
Number of Frets: 20
Special Electronics: OP-4BT with Ovation SlimLine Pickup
Tuners: Gold Die-Cast
Strings: D’Addario EXP11 Coated 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic

Back in 1966 Charles Kaman introduced to the acoustic guitar industry his space age design for acoustic guitars.

The Ovation came with a composite-body or rounded backend. And so was released the amazonBalladeer model.
For those that don’t know Charles Kaman he was an engineer from the aeronautics industry.

Using this technology he created a great sounding acoustic guitar. Which attracted many guitarists of the day.
One of which was Glen Campbell as well as a host of others that followed him.

Today Ovation still builds its high end Adamas model acoustic here in US at its New Hartford Factory.

Some Final Thoughts

jack-blackIn 2011 to make these guitars more affordable to the players in the market Ovation introduced the Elite models.

These were built over in the Asian factories, that way they would be able to fill a void where by making these guitars more affordable to those who wanted acoustics on a budget.

For the most part Ovation has done exactly that for many players it is a good thing. But we did loose quality in that move.

I own an Adamas (higher end) and that guitar is an impressive sounding guitar, tonality is good and it plays easy.

My son wanted to play guitar and he wanted an Ovation so I got him the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus.
After playing it,I can tell you that this acoustic guitar is not anything like my Adamas. The only commonality it has is name.

So I think they failed in trying to build a cost effective acoustic guitar especially when they compromised the quality so much.


Ovation Celebrity Elite                                                                ESP Tombstone J-430E NAT


In my humble opinion whether your a beginner or an advanced player, you could do far worse than with any of these two acoustic guitars.

Quality can mean a whole lot of things to different people but in the end its playability and tonality that count the most. The quality of tone and sound you can hear for yourself.

And to that end I have to give it to the gods of rock guitars ESP and their new Tombstone J-430E NAT Acoustic Electric Guitar.

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Nostradamus On Learning Guitar Chords?

Tommy Emmanuel

House Of The Rising Sun

The Top 4 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

If you are just beginning to learn how to play guitar, consider also picking up a book for Learning Guitar Chords. Even if you decide later on to find a good teacher, you still need to see the chord shapes and where to place your fingers.

frank-zappaNext you need to start with easy songs that can inspire you to continue playing guitars. If you want to master your chords, rhythm & strumming, and all the other basic techniques of playing a guitar it is recommended that you learn the chords and practice by playing songs. Playing songs while learning guitar is not only educative, but also fun.

Below are 4 easy guitar songs for beginners. Ensure that you do enough practice in the chords and how to switch between chords for each of the 4 songs noted below as you will find it very beneficial. Each one of them has a link out to a free lesson on YouTube that you can use to follow along.

This is a good way to learn the structure of how to play your favorite songs Although keep in mind that while learning you could also be picking up bad playing habits along the way by doing it like this. Thats why I will always recommend you find a good teacher you can resonate with.

1. Silent Night.santas-band

Chords: A-E-A-D-A-D-A-E-A-E-A

This is one of the most preferred easy guitar songs. The guitar version of “Silent Night” has only three chords, and even though it is very simple, it sounds lovely enough to play in the church.

Besides being short and easy, it also sounds sweet and neat. Silent Night will put you in the mood to attempt to play many other beautiful songs.

2. Scarborough Fair, by Simon & Garfunkel

Chords: Am-G-Am-C-Am-D-Amscarborough-fair

This is a fingerpicking tune from the ancient times in England. This song is loved and included in the collections of most solo guitarists. You can play it using single notes & basic open chords like its shown here.

Or if you prefer a more advanced version than this, you can add a capo on the 7th fret so as to give it (the song) a haunting sound as this is how Paul Simon plays it. So by following a simple set of instructions, even a beginner can play Scarborough Fair pretty well.

3. Horse With No Name, by America

Chords: Em-D (simplest form)horse-with-no-name

Written by Dewey Bunnell, of the band America. This is a classic rock song that slightly resembles Neil Young’s folky acoustic rock music. In fact everybody thought it was Neil Young at first. It is included on this list because it is easy  (if not the easiest) guitar song to learn with.

As a matter of fact, several instructors of guitar lessons say that learning to play “Horse With No Name” takes less time than the time which is taken while talking about it. It includes only two chords, a moderate beat and a simple rhythm. Many guitar lessons that use this song usually begin with the lyrics and the basic strumming.

If you are interested, you can then try the other strumming tricks. Keep in mind when learning this song that the actual song as written has four chords. But the chords are so closely related in tone that most will teach you how to play it this way.

4. House of the Rising Sun, by The Animals

Chords: Am-C-D-F-Am-C-Ehouse-of-the-rising-sun

This is a great song for those that are just getting introduced to fingerpicking. Learning fingerpicking becomes very easy when one is using or following a well laid step by step set of instructions.

Some times this song is referred to as “rising sun blues,” but the most commercial version this traditional folk song was done by “The Animals”  back in 1964. However, before that, Bob Dylan had recorded a unique acoustic version of this same song in 1961. Have fun with House Of The Rising Sun.


Just A Final Thought

When learning how to play guitar, I recommended that you choose lessons which also teach the theory behind the various techniques used for playing the song on guitar. That being said it is still advisable to find yourself a Professional Guitar Teacher that can interact with

The 4 easy guitar songs for beginners are merely a tip of the iceberg. By the time you are through with mastering any one of these four songs above, you will have attained a few tricks and techniques that you can apply to other songs that you play.
Until the next time practice, get a reference book for Learning Guitar Chords. You’ll be glad you did and well ahead of most. Until the next time.

What do all four of these songs have in common ? Leave your answer in the comments and show me some Love and Share this around. 🙂






What The Beatles Could Learn From Online Guitar Teachers

Did You Wake Up This Morning With This Kind Of Talent?

Musical Genius – Usman Riaz

Didn’t Think So and Neither Did I

By the time you get done hearing Usman play for us, you will have had time to read this post.
So going forward I feel it only right that you know that Usman Riaz originally never had Online Guitar Teachers. Because acoustic guitar wasn’t  his first instrument of choice.

But rather his first instrument was piano. So first and foremost he  is a Classically Trained rosePianist.
The guitar work he learned on his own by looking on the internet. But my point here is Usman has a solid foundation by which to pull from, to learn how to play the guitar. And thats all I’m trying to convey to you below…

Guitar Teachers are easy to find. A quick search on the web will yield thousands of results for online guitar teachers. But!  how do you known when you find one that matches your needs and expectations? Here are some tips that will hopefully help you find the most suitable guitar teacher!


5 Tips For Finding Online Guitar Teachers

  1. Stay away from dodgy websites and sketchy content: In most cases, a poor quality service is easy to spot: unprofessional and unskilled guitar teachers will usually promise you the world with sentences such as “You’ll play like Jimi Hendrix in no time”. Nobody can turn you into a guitar hero over night, and if they claim they can do that…stay away!
  2. Make sure your potential guitar teacher caters to your niche, style or circumstance. Are you a kid starting out? An adult trying to make up for lost time and finally got yourself a 6-string? What ever the case, find someone who can “speak your language” and resonate with your situation.
  3. If you are planning to take online guitar lessons, make sure the teacher’s schedule is compatible with yours and that he offers reliable means of communication, so that you can easily connect and do your thing!
  4. It doesn’t hurt to scour the web for reviews, comments and opinions from previous students and guitarists in general. Someone could point you towards the right directions!
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for free try-out lessons – any respectable teacher will offer you at least a free session!

I’ve gone to some great detail here as to find Guitar Teachers that I believe fit the mold of being a Renowned Teacher here at Treble Clef Reviews. Through a very stringent vetting process I was able to determine the right Guitar Teachers and their Courses to represent us here.

 Finer Points

Some of the criteria they had to meet was not at all about their lessons but rather about steve-vaithem.

  • Were they well known in the industry?
  • Are they themselves educated in music and/or what ever instrument is being taught? And the two main issues I wanted was…
  • How accessible is the Teacher.
  • And lastly do they have any Free Guitar Lessons available?

Let me break this down just a little bit for you

  • As a student you need to be able to talk to and/or show how your progressing along.
  • Just as importantly the Guitar Teacher has to have a way to show you how to correct yourself.
  • Also vital to your growth is to have a way in place to be able to perform in front of your class.

Free Guitar Lessons – Anyone!james-taylor

Most all the Online Guitar Teachers here are going to have some form of Free Guitar Lessons and/or tips or extras available.
We all like free, we all want free as do I. But lets not let free be the sole foundation of our music education.

That foundation is in the lessons of the Online Guitar Teachers.


Lastly let me leave you with a thought. Oh Yea !

For no particular reason I was think of Steve Vai ( who by the way trained at Berklee) as I was writing this out. Although he’s had an amazing career, I’m sure if asked he’d say that some part of his music education (as any other tool) has helped in honing his craft.

I do hope that this has helped inspire you to learn. And I will continue to find Online Guitar Teachers that are worthy of you. Come back and see us here at Treble Clef Reviews again.

How do you really know your a musician at heart or is this a hobby for you?  Leave me a comment and I will talk to you later :).