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So you’ve been studying guitar now for about a year.You like it so much that your thinking about Playing Guitar For a Living, but where do you start? Lets see.

This is not going to be one of those drawn out articles, that we normally come across. In fact this will be rather small in comparison.

You might even say that just you and I are going to take a walk and just talk about oh! guitars, music, money and how your gonna get there.

You know things like that. And if you pay attention, I might even be giving you some direction to follow.

Whats in a Picture Homie? 


You Want To Do What?

So before we go on our walk about, I feel I should inform you. If your one reading this looking for good grammar or you don’t think bad language is necessary. Then we’re going to give you a moment to get your frickin bum out of here.

I’m sure theres a site thats all prim and proper for you. Geez we’re not trying to be Lawyers,Doctors and such! But rather musicians wanting to make music our occupation, other than just a hobby.

Okay guitar hero lets walk. I’m thinking maybe your wondering if this would be what your wanting to do for a living. And I’m here to tell you that you can do it. With a little planning that is, other wise you are going to make all the wrong moves.

Then after a few years home boi! you to will look as defeated as that dog in the picture . And I don’t want you coming back to me with your sorry ass saying I’ve failed now what do I do now dig ditches?

Playing Guitar For Beginners – The Plan Man


Plan Your Journey

Well you’ve been playing for a year or so now I’m assuming. And you have come along way. I might even say maybe you’ve become so good that you believe your the next big up and coming rockstar on the planet.


Be Prepared To Succeed

To make the case for this thought your family and friends have told you so as well. And I do hope that you’ve gotten that good, but keep in mind you have a long way to go first.

So I want to elude to the two pics on the the right and give you your first tips of the day. Like those images on the right, depicting  getting close to where your going you tend to believe that the journey is within your grasps.

And it is, but first grasshopper remember these three below. You can find some other quotes we take as truth at: Music Business Marketplace – Myths

  • Your friends and family aren’t the ones to listen to about how good you are! In most cases they will just be lying to you anyway so you don’t feel bad.
  • Don’t strive to be a Rockstar, instead be a musician first and foremost, then be a working musician.
  • The industry doesn’t scout for guitar gods, and they don’t care how good you think you are. If you don’t have the whole package then you’ve got nothing.

Have a Plan Dawg! – Then Work It


Main Tool

To quote some famous lyrics: Relationships! We all have them, we all want them. The problem is what do we do with them? This is something you will have to work out for yourself. The two pics are just reminders of the basics you need to work your plan.

I’m sure you can understand the guitar but your saying to yourself whats up with the suit case? Well some travel is going to have to be considered as part of your plan. And the image should suggest to you that it would be of the best interest to you to be very mobile. But heres what I do have to say on that

  • Establish yourself in your local area first as a player. Play everywhere you can whether its paid or not, just keep playing and get well know as you can for the sole purpose of establishing yourself.
  • When the time presents its self be prepared to play in your surrounding towns.

    Keep This Packed

  • Learn to play more than one style of music. As lame as it sounds most people don’t give a rip about the music you like, they want to hear what they like. Thought I’d just put a stick in your wheel there brotha.
  • You as an Artist has to realize that Music is a Business and to make money in your music career you have to treat it as a Business. Learning what not to do is as important as what to do, in the music industry.

How To Make A Living Playing Guitar – Neil Chapman

Some Final Thoughts

If your still reading this then I commend you as it was really a loose written article on my part, so hey don’t be a frickin hater dude/et 🙂 All kidding aside though.



I want to encourage you to be a competent guitar player so Keep Taking Guitar Lessons.

The plan we’ve talked about! Let me put it this way, you have to start now and make music your business. And you have to start building it now instead of later.

You need a business that you control, with a presence online, on real estate that you own. I can help you Build Your Online Business Here.

After that then Playing Guitar For a Living won’t be as hard as you might have thought!

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