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Learn How To Play The Guitar

Well you just bought yourself a quality guitar and now your looking into Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons. And just like the rest of us your probably thinking to yourself, that this guitar that you bought has set you back a few dollars, and you’re thinking to get a Guitar Lesson is gonna cost you some more money, your right it will!

But what little investment you put into your playing now will far out weigh what its going to cost you in your lack of knowledge and/or income that is if you would ever like to play your guitar as a profession. So before you head right over on the internet and search for those Free Beginner Guitar Lessons, just hear me out for one tiny moment, you’ll be glad you did..

No Bad Habits Allowed

Anyone can play the guitar you do not have to be some sort of prodigy. And I know you can just go over to Youtube and find a very good teacher to show you how to play your favorite acoustic song from Mumford and Sons then away you go.

You feel good that you just learned your favorite song and you can’t wait till you learn another. But what you don’t know is right then you also picked up a bad habit or two. If left unchecked the habits will get in the way of learning different techniques you need to be proficient at in your craft.

Some of these bad habits can take months or even years to correct. Thats what happens to many of us, myself included. So I think it wise before you go out and try to learn all the Janis Joplin Songs you can, First go find a good guitar teacher, stick with him, learn all he has to teach you.

Try to learn so much from that one teacher then maybe you can teach the teacher. Learn your basics then build your foundation upon the principles you learned. After that then by all means go look for some Free Guitar Lessons For Beginners



For You Whats The Best Guitar Lessons

This is something your gonna have to ask yourself. Its different for everybody when they’re looking for Acoustic Guitar Lessons. Here’s some basic questions I think you should ponder.

1. Do you like the style of teaching this teacher has?
2. Can you understand this teacher when their teaching you?
3. Does the teachers personality feel good to your personality?
4. Is the quality of the free lessons as good as the paid lessons?

Here are some of the questions I ask myself before I commit to any teachers class, whether it’s for just one Acoustic Guitar Lesson or ten, twenty or however many lessons your looking at. Here’s a few extra things I like to look for when looking for the right guitar teacher.

5. Look for the best teacher I can.
6. Have the ability to pick a lesson (or lesson plan) then do it ” beginner, intermediate or advanced”.
7. After you learn it,you need to be able to perform it for the teacher and the rest of the class.
8. Most importantly you need your teachers feedback on your performance of the lesson
9. Have the ability to learn more from the teacher by how they are teaching others in the class on the same lessons
10.You need to be able to get feedback on anything you’ve been working on thats not related to the lessons.


Looking At Some of The Best Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons

This is where I don’t really know where to start. There are a lot of very talented guitar players out there that are very qualified teachers, just do a search for “Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar” and you’ll have more than you need. I check guitar teachers out every day and some I’ve used, most I haven’t. I have to give them all kudos because they do a good job.

I’m not a teacher and I know I couldn’t do their job so lets just give them thumbs up.
I want you to know straight up front these sites do not pay me to give them a good Review. These Reviews are just to help you on your journey.

I flipped a coin to start here at: with Nate Savage. Funny cuz I’ve looked at some of his free lessons on blues. I think Nate meets most of our ten questions we ask ourself.

1. I like his teaching style.
He laid back and calm and he makes you feel that way to.
2. The way he conveys his idea is to the point.
He talks you through every aspect of the lesson.
3. He has a quietness about his personality, you don’t get the idea he’s better than you.
He does seem to draw you into his learning environment with his personality.
4. In every aspect of his free lessons the quality is just superb.
Bases on this his paid courses should be every bit as good
5. He might just be the best you can find or if you bought his course he could be the best your money could buy.
Nate teaches you how to play the instrument, not how to play your favorite song. Thats how it should be.
6a. Nate has a lot of free lessons available, that once you start leads into the other lesson. You can also pick and choose what you want to do.
6b. I’m gonna put Nate’s paid course right here because #7 – #10 from our list aren’t here. The Guitar System coarse does have a members area.
From what I can read in the members area you can converse with the Guitar System community.


A Quick Recap

Nate at GuitarLessons  has a great site, he seems to care about his students as he provides everything you need to learn effectively how to play the guitar. From Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons to his paid system he has provided everything, backing tracks, tabs, I think I saw sheet music and mp3’s.

As I said #7 thru #10 on our list wasn’t met. To me this is pretty important. You have to have a way to show your teacher how your doing so that he may further instruct you, and keep you from forming bad habits as well. You also have to be able to get up front of the other students and perform in front of them as well.

And lets not forget you learn from watch the other students being taught. Its just my opinion but #7 thru #10 help to make you a more rounded musician. I would want my teachers input on my progress and I don’t see that Nate at GuitarLessons provides that.

Now I didn’t get a copy from Nate on his paid coarse The Guitar System and it’s true what we’re looking for might very well be in there, all  I can see is on his website at
Judging by his free lessons you sure wouldn’t go wrong with his paid coarse he’s a very, very good teacher. Pricing is good and teaching is exceptional.


My Conclusions

My Rating: 3 out of 5 Starz
I think for me to get all 10 of my must have’s on our list, I would have to spend a little more money. So if I had the extra income I would go over to Seems there they provide that extra support system that we need to grow. Yep! they have some free stuff to. Their teaching staff consist of some world renown musicians that are there to help you.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Starz
I do hope that this Review has helped you in some way. I just don’t want to see you pick up some bad habits. And just maybe finding that perfect teacher for yourself.
Do come back again and see me, I look forward to our talk again. Until then!

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2 thoughts on “Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons – Review

  1. Michelle

    Hi Markus. I am really old-school because I would have never even considered online guitar lessons before reading your article. I learned to play as a kid and back then, you had to have an “in person” teacher. I agree with you that you should find a good guitar teacher and get the basics down before going for online lessons. I found your post very interesting and I learned some new things. Thanks!

    1. Markus Post author

      Well thank you Michelle. I’m on the same page with you. We all need those basics first to build that foundation. After all this time I still have a teacher as do a good number of my friends as well. Hey thanks for stopping by we’ll see you here next time.


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