Nostradamus On Learning Guitar Chords?

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The Top 4 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

If you are just beginning to learn how to play guitar, consider also picking up a book for Learning Guitar Chords. Even if you decide later on to find a good teacher, you still need to see the chord shapes and where to place your fingers.

frank-zappaNext you need to start with easy songs that can inspire you to continue playing guitars. If you want to master your chords, rhythm & strumming, and all the other basic techniques of playing a guitar it is recommended that you learn the chords and practice by playing songs. Playing songs while learning guitar is not only educative, but also fun.

Below are 4 easy guitar songs for beginners. Ensure that you do enough practice in the chords and how to switch between chords for each of the 4 songs noted below as you will find it very beneficial. Each one of them has a link out to a free lesson on YouTube that you can use to follow along.

This is a good way to learn the structure of how to play your favorite songs Although keep in mind that while learning you could also be picking up bad playing habits along the way by doing it like this. Thats why I will always recommend you find a good teacher you can resonate with.

1. Silent Night.santas-band

Chords: A-E-A-D-A-D-A-E-A-E-A

This is one of the most preferred easy guitar songs. The guitar version of “Silent Night” has only three chords, and even though it is very simple, it sounds lovely enough to play in the church.

Besides being short and easy, it also sounds sweet and neat. Silent Night will put you in the mood to attempt to play many other beautiful songs.

2. Scarborough Fair, by Simon & Garfunkel

Chords: Am-G-Am-C-Am-D-Amscarborough-fair

This is a fingerpicking tune from the ancient times in England. This song is loved and included in the collections of most solo guitarists. You can play it using single notes & basic open chords like its shown here.

Or if you prefer a more advanced version than this, you can add a capo on the 7th fret so as to give it (the song) a haunting sound as this is how Paul Simon plays it. So by following a simple set of instructions, even a beginner can play Scarborough Fair pretty well.

3. Horse With No Name, by America

Chords: Em-D (simplest form)horse-with-no-name

Written by Dewey Bunnell, of the band America. This is a classic rock song that slightly resembles Neil Young’s folky acoustic rock music. In fact everybody thought it was Neil Young at first. It is included on this list because it is easy  (if not the easiest) guitar song to learn with.

As a matter of fact, several instructors of guitar lessons say that learning to play “Horse With No Name” takes less time than the time which is taken while talking about it. It includes only two chords, a moderate beat and a simple rhythm. Many guitar lessons that use this song usually begin with the lyrics and the basic strumming.

If you are interested, you can then try the other strumming tricks. Keep in mind when learning this song that the actual song as written has four chords. But the chords are so closely related in tone that most will teach you how to play it this way.

4. House of the Rising Sun, by The Animals

Chords: Am-C-D-F-Am-C-Ehouse-of-the-rising-sun

This is a great song for those that are just getting introduced to fingerpicking. Learning fingerpicking becomes very easy when one is using or following a well laid step by step set of instructions.

Some times this song is referred to as “rising sun blues,” but the most commercial version this traditional folk song was done by “The Animals”  back in 1964. However, before that, Bob Dylan had recorded a unique acoustic version of this same song in 1961. Have fun with House Of The Rising Sun.


Just A Final Thought

When learning how to play guitar, I recommended that you choose lessons which also teach the theory behind the various techniques used for playing the song on guitar. That being said it is still advisable to find yourself a Professional Guitar Teacher that can interact with

The 4 easy guitar songs for beginners are merely a tip of the iceberg. By the time you are through with mastering any one of these four songs above, you will have attained a few tricks and techniques that you can apply to other songs that you play.
Until the next time practice, get a reference book for Learning Guitar Chords. You’ll be glad you did and well ahead of most. Until the next time.

What do all four of these songs have in common ? Leave your answer in the comments and show me some Love and Share this around. 🙂






6 thoughts on “Nostradamus On Learning Guitar Chords?

  1. Kimberly

    I have always wanted to learn to play guitar, but never had the patience to learn. Knowing there are simple songs to start with, gets me excited to learn now. That seems alot more rewarding than just playing random notes. Great website!

    1. Markus Post author

      Kimberly I know what you mean. Most of are just like you in that we need to be able to see that we can in fact learn guitar.
      Once we feel and see that we can play guitar then we develop the patience to learn the actual nuts and bolts of music.
      Most good guitar teachers do this to help their students. In most any lesson there is an easy way to play the song or “Beginners arrangement”.
      Then as you progress you get the same song in a “Moderate arrangement”. Then when you become an Advanced player then you get the “Advanced arrangement”.
      I do hope you learn to play acoustic guitar, its very calming to the soul. Come back and see me soon.

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Joshua Kemp

    WOW! One of my fondest memories with my father is seeing Tommy Emmanuel live with my father 🙂 he is truly one of the most amazing guitarists I’ve ever seen. It’s the the damn instrument is attached to his soul or something! I’m picking up the guitar again so I’ll definitely be vising again soon 🙂

    1. Markus Post author

      Yeah buddy they don’t come much better than Tommy Emmanuel. I’ve never had the pleasure myself of seeing him live, but I’ve heard stories just like yours.
      And you know still! watching him on video that same vibe is felt. In music when one is performing from the soul it connects to everyone else and creates an emotion.
      Which is all together different than a listening experience. You just go get your guitar and get back here we’ll see what we can do to help you.See you soon Joshua.

      Thanks 🙂

  3. Larry gove

    Thanks Markus for sharing this beginners songs with us. Its just what I’ve been looking for.
    You were right as the song Horse With no Name was really easy to learn to play on guitar.


    1. Markus Post author

      Hello Larry nice to see you back. I told you there are some song that are written that almost any new guitar player can pick up.
      Songs like these are a big booster for the brand new guitar player. I’m glad you enjoyed them and see you when you return.

      Thank 🙂


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