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music-business marketplaceWelcome back to Part 2 of this post I’ve put together here at Treble Clef Reviews. All about the Myths that you will encounter during your whole musical career.

Each and every day you will hear these un-truths. And whats amazing is you will start to hear of new ones coming into play the further along you go in your musical journey.

But before we go any further with this, if it’s your first time here so you can catch up please go read Part 1 of Music Business Marketplace – Myths here.

You’ll be glad you did. Now that you’ve done that lets get started.

Bust Your Knee Caps – Pomplamoose

What Were The Science Fiction Facts.

On Sunday with the last post I left you with what I call the Myths of the Music Industry. Though this list could been expounded upon very easily we chose just to keep it at 5.

1. To make it in the business you have to be on a Major Record Label?
2. You have to be on the road to be successful?
3. All serious musicians move to Nashville, New York, Los Angeles or London to be successful?
4. Find a Label that only has one artist on the roster?
5. Having a friend at the radio station will get your songs played?

music-business marketplace

 The Truth Of The Matter! – Facts Whats that Mean? 

1. I never have been able to find out where this myth came from, however I have my own idea.
This was probably started by a star struck fan or an aspiring artist who’s favorite group was on a Major Label and they just assumed this was always this groups Label. Which is more than likely far from the truth.

Besides if making it in the music business is dependent on being with a Major Label, then how do we explain Pomplamoose above? Who never was on a label and when the Majors did come Pomplamoose turned them away.

2. I used to think this was truth as many others did. But it really isn’t. Studios and professional promotors do all this by way of emails, phone calls, dinners at big resorts and golf clubs. With the exception of the artist selling a lot of merch. You really have no bearing on the real promotion efforts of the record company.

You do not have to be on the road to be successful in the music business and if youmusic-business-marketplace
still think you do, then what do we do with Terry Prince below who sells 15k plus CD’s in 18 months, and never leaves his home town?

And he’s just one of many thousands of working musicians.

3. I never could see this as being an option. I don;t know how in the hell this damnable idea ever got flight. I can’t say about London but why on earth would you move to Nashville? Knowing that everyone that moves there is there for the same thing?

I’m not saying you don’t make planned trips there with meetings and people to meet with about your music,  you should do this at some point!

Nashville is over run by artist all doing the same thing. You can be successful in the music
industry in your own back yard then maybe think about Nashville..
But incase you don’t believe me Here’s one of hundreds of threads to prove my point.

4. This one is a really bad idea, and I probably could write pages upon pages of why to’s and why nots on this. If they’ve got only one or two artist on the roster you need to beware! Again you do not need to be on a Major Label to be successful in the music industry as a professional musician.

Artists not on Major Labels: From Joan Jett’s (Blackhearts Records)  To Jimmy Buffett’s (Mailboat Records).

5. This can’t be done like you think. Your best friend could be the morning DJ! And he would not
be able to spin your CD without the consent of the Music Director. There is a Record Promotor
from the Label is in touch with the Music Director. And if your not on any Label then you
won’t get the air time.

There are some ways around this but you have to get involved with the radio station and
the events they put on. And in some cases if you live in a more rural location then that
station might not have to follow protocol as closely as the big stations.

Still you do not need this to be successful in the music industry being a professional working

Terry Prince – The Most Beautiful One in The World

Will My Career Be Easier Now Knowing This?

Maybe a little easier but it still will take a lot of work and dedication. Nothing will come free or easy. Don’t let anyone tell you other wise. And I do think you have to ask yourself some very personal questions.

  • Do you want to be a truck driver or a Performer?
  • Do you want to be a waitress or a Writer?
  • Do you want to be a fireman or a Bass player?
  • Do you want to be a doctor or a Guitar player?
  • Or is all you want to be is “what a friend calls himself” a Couch Potato Guitar player?music-business-marketplace

Simple right! A professional guitarist or a blue collar worker.

I can’t help you if you want to be a blue collar worker but if you want to be in business as a working guitar player in the industry, then I defiantly have some ideas for you and can point you in the right direction.

But it will take work.


This is just a test run here with this type of information. We like to look at acoustic guitars and teachers courses here at Treble Clef Reviews. But there is a need for artist development and artist career direction.

The Music Business Marketplace is no harder to work in than any other industry.
So if your business is being a guitar player its just takes a different approach.
Stardom! I nothing about, a working musician well! I know a ton. The main thing,
You have to plan and Build Your Business on a solid foundation

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