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Three Kostal Guitars – Played by Michael Watts

This is truly another exceptional Artists Page, in that it is our intent to bring you the most innovative and prolific Master Luthiers that I can find.


Ultimately there are two kinds of guitars in the world: The ones that you really want to play, and the ones that you neglect. I want to make the ones that people want to play. That’s all I really want out of it. – Kenny Hill Master Luthier at:

Hands Behind The Guitar

Today you can easily find the big companies that build guitars. Their whats marketed to us, so that we can find quality instruments at an affordable cost and behind them all is a MasterLuthiers at Work Luthier or what I like to call a true Artist.

Truly though the most outstanding quality Acoustic Guitars come from small workshops. These pieces or Art are entirely handcrafted by a Master Luthier who controls the quality through out the build process of the guitar.

 Artisans of the Artists

Today in the 21st century while most all that is on the market today will be almost always mass produced. We tend to forget that there is a Luthier that first created our acoustic guitars. Without going way back in time, some of the builders that were coming to the forefront in the 19th century were:

1. Louis Panormo, Georg Staufer – who developed modern day Classical Guitars.Christian Frederick Martin

2. Christian Fredrick Martin – his guitars evolved to what we know today as a Steel String Acoustic Guitar.

3. John D’Angelico and Jimmy D’Aquisto – made Archtop Guitars

4. Lloyd Loar – responsible for todays F-Holes (like a violin) on Gibson Guitars.

5. Adolf Rickenbacker – produced metal bodies for stringed instruments as well as Frying Pan Guitars.

 Unveiling Master Luthiers

Here at Treble Clef Reviews, the main goal is to showcase all Custom Acoustic Guitar Luthiers. Whether their from a big company, or some small workshop in Venice or the backhills of Ramirez Guitar WorkshopKentucky. You will see the art they have created in the Dropdown Pages here at the Master Luthiers Section.

Find Your Favorite Luthier

So browse around and take a look at some of the finest Guitar Builders around. Some you will know, some you won’t. But you’ll be glad you found them out. And there will always be way to contact them, if your so inclined.Inlay Design



On the Reviews page is the blog, go there and leave me a comment. And remember what Kenny Hill said. There are only two kinds of guitars! Now with your piece of Art, go out and create some Work of Art 🙂

Do you have a favorite Luthier? If you do let me know so we can find out about him.



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