Live Music Performance Tips – For Guitarist Pt3


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Have you finally got some shows performing on stage? Before that day comes check out Live Music Performance Tips for Guitarist fist!

Knowing who you are changes depending on what hat your wearing at the time.

Well we’ve finally come to the 3rd and final part of this 3 Part article. There is far more to playing live on stage than just playing music.

Sure music is at the center of your universe but being a musician is just a part of who you are.

Taking Care of Business

What we’ve covered in the last article “Performance Tips For Guitarist Pt2” is, consider getting strap locks for your guitar as it will help you prevent you from alot of grief. Adjust your amp volume to the room and put your audience first. Okay this is by far the most important tip I can give you.

Tip 7. Possibly the most important one. Act like a rock star when you’re on stage but when you’re offstage, act like a professional businessman. The venue owner, the promoter, and the sound engineer are not going to be impressed that when you come off stage or before you go on stage, when you’re acting like a complete jerk-off.

Sure when you hit the stage and you’re ready to play and you have your first note, click that switch. Be the rock star. Get the eagle. Strike about.


Making Music Your Business

Look good but before the gig, when you try to sort out business or after the gig, when you try to sort out the money, the ticket split, all that sort of thing, don’t act like an ass.

Be professional, have your money prepared. Make sure everyone knows the score.

Talk to the people as a professional. They’re professionals. They’re doing this for a living. They’re trying to make money. So should you. Think about this as your job. Act like it is your job.

People will not respect you and not have any consideration for you if you act like the rock star off stage.

Myself and my band gain a lot of respect because we act professionally off stage. We’re good to work with, we’re good to deal with and that gets us extra opportunities and it gets us a lot of favors.

So be a nice person and don’t act like a dick when you’re not on stage, because your not really all that.

Hopefully these tips have given you a little bit of an insight into how to manage your live performance a little bit better. How to improve on yourself for your fans, and the people you’re working with. You see your not just a musician and whether you like it or not your also a businessman.



Markus with Live Music Performance Tips

Your a businessman with a viable product, and thats exactly how you have to teat it in the backend. And if you treat it as such you will not be looked upon as just another band.

Look me up on Facebook or Google Plus or contact me here through Treble Clef Reviews and I will be happy to help you out the best I can.

I had a lot of fun writing Live Music Performance Tips For Guitarist. I want to encourage you to go back over Part 1 and Part 2 again. I for one hope you implement some of these tips into your performances and career.

I would be remiss not reminding you as part of your music career keep learning guitar, Keith Wyatt can help you.

Let me know how it goes for you and if you have any questions just ask.

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