Live Music Performance Tips – For Guitarist Pt2


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Live Music Performance Tips For Guitarist are perfect for those wanting to be more professional when gigging live.

Try these out and see! Experience how differently your fans will think of you when you change just these simple things.

This article is the 2nd of 3 parts for these tips for anyone wanting to playing live shows.

So whether your a guitar player, bassist, drummer or ? These simple tips will create in you a more professional vibe.

Life is But a Stage Act Successful

To bring you up to speed, in Music Performance Tips For Guitarist Pt1, we talked about the need for a Floor Fan. Also think about going Wireless. Always carry more Cables with you than what you need. So now lets dive off into some more of these tips.


Guitar Strap Locks

Tip 4. Get strap locks. Strap locks are a particularly expensive or invasive addition to a guitar and they will prevent your strap ever accidentally slipping off in the middle of a set.

I’ve been there and I’ve seen that happen.

It’s a very embarrassing thing when you’re playing live and suddenly your strap slips off, your guitar falls to the floor, go to try and catch it and then put the strap back on all the while trying not to look like a complete idiot.

I’ve been using these Dunlop strap locks for a while now and I’ve never had any issue with them and they never come loose, the straps never come off and I’m fully, fully aware that my guitar will stay where I want it to. With strap locks, you’ve got no worries.


Amp Head Controls

Tip 5. Set your amp for the space that you’re in. The best clue for this is look at where the ceiling is.

If you’re in a small pub and the ceiling is fairly low, you want to keep the volume of your amp down and probably readjust the base.

Small enclosed spaces are naturally going to sound loud and boomy so keep your volume down.

Sometimes the engineer will even thank you for it and you’ll also be heard more clearly. It won’t just be a whoosh of boomy sound.

If you’re playing in a larger venue, the ceilings are higher, then you get a bit more room to boost your volume and you’ll still have that clarity in sound. Take use from the host sound engineer, he’s the one who’s setting up sounds in that place all the time. So he’ll know how you should set your sound up. But as a rule of thumb, set your volume to the height of the ceiling.

Tip 6. Put your audience first. Don’t just stand there in the one spot while looking down at your guitar. It doesn’t look good. From an audience perspective, they want to see you being active. You’ve got to give them a show. The visual aspect of your performance is just as important as the sound aspect. You could be playing the most brilliant stuff ever but if you don’t look interesting, then people will wander away and won’t give a flip about you or your brilliance.


Up Close and Personal

So make sure you’re really giving it to your audience. Get right up in their faces, within that front barrier, with those people standing there.

Target your audience and see those people standing way at the back of the venue. Find a way to connect with them.

Project to them. Don’t just tell them to come down. Give them a reason to come down. Make them jealous of the people at the front.

Make them want to be those people at the front having to look every so often saying, “You’re all the way up there but you could be down here.” Respect is earned, not demanded. Don’t demand of your audience. Give them something that they want to respect you for. Don’t be afraid to get right up to the barrier within touching distance of the fans. They won’t hurt you. I promise.

Some Last Thoughts


Markus with Live Music Performance Tips

So there you have just some more things to think about. I know that I’ve probably lost you at tip 5.

But think of it this way, by learning how to control your amp volume you ensure your audience will have a better time. Your band mates won’t be angry with you and the sound man will like you a whole lot more.

And trust me “you don’t want a sound man to be pissed off at you”.

So there you have it Live Music Performance Tips For Guitarist / Part 2.

You don’t want to miss Part 3 of this article as this will put more than money in your pocket. Look for Part 3.

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