Live Music Performance Tips – For Guitarist Pt1


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Today I want to talk to you about Live Music Performance Tips For Guitarist. These tips should make you greater prepared for playing live.

There is no doubt in my mind that following these tips will provide both you and your fans with a better experience.

This Article is the 1st of 3 Parts for these beneficial tips for any guitarist playing live shows.

Maybe you think you already know what I’m going to say, like practice your tunes, be in tune, are you well rehearsed as a band. Which those are good as well to make sure of. But what we’re going to talk about will aide in Transforming You Into a Professional. So lets get right into it.

Planning For Success Goes a Long Way


Floor Fan

Tip 1. Get a fan, a floor fan. When you’re on stage, it can be very, very warm. You’ve usually got stage lighting right in your face and that creates a lot of heat.

You’ll also really be rocking out so you’re giving all your energy. You’re sweaty, you’re warm and that can sometimes hinder your performance.

So generate in a bit of a breeze with a fan like this allows you to stay cool on stage plus having your hair waving in the wind like you’re in some sort of a shampoo advert always looks fantastic. Stay cool. Get a fan.


Wireless for Guitar

Tip 2. Go wireless. Wireless kits are not just for huge bands and massive arena tours. You can use them in small venues too.

Why is that such an advantage? Well this allows you to move about the stage a bit more.

You can swap stage and stage with your other guitarists or bassist or whoever you’re sharing the stage with.

That will give your audience something different to look at.

Standing in the one place all the time can be a bit boring so where you can move about, that looks great.

It also means you can take the show to the crowd quite literally hopping off stage, joining in with the mosh pit or simply doing a solo in the middle of the crowd looks damn cool and the crowd will appreciate it. Be remembered, get moving, use wireless.


Instrument Cables

Tip 3. Always have spare cables. You may think, “You need only two cables mostly up”, So you only take two.

But wait! What happens if one or both of them stop working at the same time and then your bassist says, “I forgot mine”, these things always happen each and every show.

You’re constantly handling your cables and having to replace them. Make sure you have more cables than you need to have.

You’ll always find yourself handling it about and having to swap them and especially if you’re using a wireless like in tip number two, have a spare cable should anything go wrong with it. Have those spares, the more the merrier and have them handy every show.



Markus with Live Music Performance Tips

Okay there you have it. These are just some simple things to consider. You might be thinking well I’m never going to jump in a mosh pit, so I don’t need a wireless.

But consider this, stages get pretty small with cables running everywhere. By going wireless you eliminate at least a few of them.

Remember this is Live Music Performance Tips For Guitarist / Part 1. There are going to be some issues you need to see in Part 2 that will help you, so don’t miss it. See you next time at Treble Clef Reviews.

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6 thoughts on “Live Music Performance Tips – For Guitarist Pt1

  1. Ken

    I am not a musician of any source. After reading the belove post I know I can use some of the information in my part time job. I ran a lab that uses AV in many different ways. I occational have to travel and forget to bring extra essentials like cords. Thanx for the reminder.

    1. Markus Post author

      Hello Ken, thats alright not being a musician (won’t hold it against you lol). But I’m glad at least it reminded you to take extra cables with you.
      Us musicians always tend to only take what we need. Not realizing that these cables could go bad or the rest of the band forgot their cables and they need some.
      Thanks for stopping by Ken and if you ever decide to start learning guitar come give me a yell.

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Larry

    Markus, ya got me rollin with the fan writing.
    Now I get the importance for comfort anytime anywhere.
    The hair flapping around is what got me. About ten years ago, I had my hair half way down my butt.
    I just picture one of those industrial fans blowing in my hair and me and anything not tied down blown across the stage!!

    On the cables.
    Ya know I went shopping a week ago and what I realized was I need to be more familiar with the different cables out there.
    But as a live performer, are you suggesting a variety of cables to have handy or just a basic cable like the TS or the TRS cables?? (Yes, I just did a google search to ask this question, LOL)

    In the early 90’s I attend a trade school, CIA Colorado Institute of Art for a music/video program.
    One of the things I learned there was how to properly wrap a cord/cable.
    Will you be showing this in up and coming post??

    Hope to grow up to play like you, Markus!!

    Thanks for your post and look forward to more writings!!


    1. Markus Post author

      Larry so good of you to show up, been awhile hope alls well.
      Its good that you familiarize yourself with all the different cables.
      I don’t see no reason you would have to carry a variety of cables with you.
      Just the ones you use with your effects, guitar and amp should suffice.Just take along a couple sets of them.

      Even if you own your sound system I’m a firm believer you should double up on the cables it takes to fly your rig.That includes a snake if your using one.
      It didn’t take many times to learn after being in some city in Poe Dunk America a cable goes bad at 10p/m, and you can’t find one anywhere that late.
      If you have a good sound engineer they will usually have more than enough cable for most problems including issues you might have with guitar cables.

      I learned how to take care of cable (wrap) back when I used to set stages for major acts.
      Whether it was the bands sound man or a sound company providing the sound reinforcement, they all did it the same way.
      Wrapping cable isn’t in the up and coming posts, but it could be an idea.

      Speaking of post Larry don’t forget to catch Part 2 and Part 3 of this post. Your gonna like it. I’ll talk to you then.

      Thanks 🙂

  3. Jay

    Hi Markus, your advice about getting a fan is absolutely bang on. I remember my first ever gigs and by the first song I was a walking flannel. This made it very hard work, constantly having to grab a towel, it affected my playing, as my hands were sliding everywhere. I learned a lesson there big time.

    Another point I think needs to be shared is the importance of monitors. Everyone has the best guitars, amps & pa’s, they can afford but you need to be able to hear yourself onstage. It can sound like one big mush, especially if you’re a loud rock band and this is where monitors come in.

    The sound from the PA it pointing outwards so you can hear very little. So when purchasing a band PA I’d advise taking monitors into account.


    1. Markus Post author

      Hey Jay whats up? Its good to get your feedback today. You know its funny how we learn these little tips along our journey.
      It don’t take long to get over heated on that stage even if your one not to move around a bit. But you know how beginners are.
      It might not cross their minds to prepare for the heat.

      Bravo on the monitor issue. I think most bands first starting out think they are not as necessary as the rest of their gear.
      When in fact they are as important as your front end sound, and thats no matter what stage size your going to play on.
      Its just not a wise idea to only get half your system.

      There are 2 more parts to this article coming out and I regret that I didn’t include monitors in them.
      How ever that being said stay tuned as there really is some good advice coming out shortly.

      Jay as always thanks for stopping by and I do look forward to your return.

      Thanks 🙂


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