Hearing Loss in Musicians

Celebrities & Famous People With Tinnitus

Today more than ever we have a problem. A problem that we can end if we want to.
The Hearing Loss in Musicians! Studies are popping up all over the internet about Tinnitus, or you might hear it as ringing in your ears.

Whats That Ringing!

I decided to just blog something short about this problem. And I know that straight up I am preaching to the Choir here.
I myself even have this. And it keeps getting worse every year that goes by. And the worst part is, it could have been stopped.


The Damage

We as young musicians are way to cool for ear protection. I was in that camp, lets just crank those Marshall’s all the way up to 11.
Or better yet lets go to a concert and stand right in front of the sound system cabinets.sexy-bach

How about at home, lets just turn the stereo up full blast and rock out yea! Don’t forget the ride in the car stereo goes up to 10.

Lets just turn it up all the way, but better yet put a booster on it. And when things got quiet thats when you heard the ringing.

By that time it was to late the damage was already done. We were just way to cool to know or even care.


Todays Musicians

With all the education out today about Tinnitus, there still are those who don’t care to listen to this.
But we will keep telling you about protecting your ears. More of todays musicians are wearing earplugs.
We wear them in practice,performance,concerts even in everyday affairs that you think you don’t need them.

You Have The Power

I’v included a link to: etymotic.com/consumer/hearing-protection/erme.html This is just one of many places you can go to find out about your hearing and earplugs.monkey-wearing-headphones

I do not make a penny if you go here. If you have someplace you know of, then thats fine just go and get you some good earplugs. And wear them during practice and performing.

Don’t be to cool for school like I was, unless you like constant ringing in your ears for the rest of your life. After all being a musician the greatest asset you have, is your ears.

Have you ever thought about wearing earplugs? Or do you have any friends that wear them? If so drop me a comment I would like to know your thoughts here.





6 thoughts on “Hearing Loss in Musicians

  1. Nada

    I’m so glad you wrote about this, more people need to understand the dangers of loud music. I have 4 boys and they all like it loud, now that i have a name for it, I’m definitely going to use it. thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Markus Post author

      You are so very welcome Nada.I’m glad I could help and please keep telling your boys to turn it down and later they will be grateful you did. Come back and see us and please share this little advice with others.

  2. RENE

    How about the ear pieces that musicans are wearing on stage? My take it thay help them as monitors,
    but also with ear protection. Would you suggest headphones for garage bands instead of ear plugs?
    My damage is already done after playing drums for close to 50 years. But I tell my kids about their
    ear buds…now their Beats volume.


    1. Markus Post author

      Your right thats what those ear pieces are for. I usually wear ear plugs but my drummers wear headphones. I have also had drummers who want the monitor in the ear. I think while rehearsing its more important due to the close proximity of equipment to the drummer that you use headphones. Thats my take on it my good fellow. Your doing the right thing keep telling your kids. Come back and see us soon. Thx

  3. nasirDZ

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