Guitar For Beginners-New Starz With Little Hands

boy-with-guitarHey Markus here. Today I wanted to help in your Christmas shopping, because you were just told to look for a perfect Guitar For Beginners right!

I think it quit exciting to find out one of our children wants to be a guitar aficionado . But not to worry at all because this will be relatively easy to do and virtually painless.

On the other hand for me! well it will be just a tad bit harder to direct you to a good fit. The only reason being is that I tend to lean toward a quality made instrument, with the idea you will be keeping that instrument.

 Some Quality Matters

Of coarse this is just my opinion as we all have them and I guess it just boils down to a few things:

1. If your child begins to learn guitar and continues then all is good you’ll have the instrument and all the stories to go along with it.

2. If after 2 days of trying to learn the guitar your child comes to you and tells you it’s to hard and now I want to be a football player 🙂 well now your out $100 and nobody is going to give you $20 for it.  I’m not saying that won’t happen with a more expensive guitar but! you might be more able to regain at least some of you dough. As I said just my opinion on a Guitar For Beginners.


Best Acoustic Guitar

I find that children are the most hardest to buy a guitar for, in that they do tend to change their minds often. So one would be cautious as to how expensive this guitar should be. At the same time this new guitar ought to sound like one and be durable as well.
To find the Best Acoustic Guitar with the price you want to pay, I thought I would give you a few tips on finding it.boys-playing-guitar

  • Take your child to your local music store so he can see the hundreds of guitars to choose from.
  • Talk to the person on the floor and tell them you’ve got a potential student on your hands, they’ll take you to the right section.
  • The floor attendant will probably tell you but in case he doesn’t tell him your looking for 3/4 size guitars.
  • Now let your child play all the guitars they want, what your looking for is comfort holding and gripping the neck and its sound quality.
  • I personally think nylon strings is easier for beginners but there are easy playing steel strings as well. (again my opinion).
  • Don’t worry to much if a string or two makes a buzz sound  you need to get the guitar set up anyway,  a small cost here.
  • If they can’t set the guitar up there for you ask the attendant where, they should be able to lead you to the right place.
  • Most of these beginner guitars comes with a gig bag included I recommend trading that up for a more padded one. Get one!
  • Don’t buy any music books for your student yet. Let the teacher recommend what books they need to get for their courses.


Beginner Acoustic Guitar Recommendations

As I said earlier it’s hard to find a good quality instrument thats priced right for a child to learn on, but it can be done. Personally I think a good price range is between $200 and $300 tops. In this Beginner Acoustic Guitar Recommendations I will be showing you 3 guitars with what details I could get you and the prices and where to find them. How ever at this point I want to caution you about just going on the internet and buying a guitar. Don’t do that! Please go to the music store and try the guitars out first, then if you think you can get a better deal online then buy all means do that. Just try it out first before you do that, deal!musical-notes

 Acoustic Guitar Review


#1. Samick Acoustic Guitar

Model Number LW-015GBK
3/4 size with steel strings
Not sure who exactly sells this brand as I found it on eBaysamick-guitar
When I played this guitar I found that the sound was rather hallow and the tone wasn’t that good.
It was harder to play up around the 7th fret. As the strings set higher above the frets than normal.It was easier playing more open string chords. Craftsmanship was sub par. For a beginner guitar:

My Rating of: 2 out of 5 Starz


#2. Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

Select spruce top
Mahogany body and neck
Chrome hardware
Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlaysepiphone-guitar
Case sold separately
3/4 size with steel strings
You can find this at Guitar Center

This one did play just a little easier than the Samick. The sound seemed to be a bigger sound to.
It wasn’t a bad looking guitar for its quality either. Still better for open chording.
Looks like they want you to buy a case extra, just stand on them and they will give you a gig bag lol.
For how this guitar sounded and its ease of playing I give:

MyRating of: 3 out of 5 Starz


#3. Cordoba Cadete

Slightly larger than the Requinto, the Cordoba Cadete is a 3/4 size guitar (615mm scale length). It has the traditional Spanish 7 fan bracing, a solid Canadian cedar top and mahogany back and sides. Additional features include a hand inlaid wooden rosette, gold tuning machines with pearl buttons and a rosewood fingerboard. An adjustable truss rod is built into the neck. This is a great guitar for anyone looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and easy playing instrument.

The Cordoba Cadete comes strung with high tension Savarez guitar strings, which are meant tocordoba-guitar-cadet be used in standard E tuning only. For a guitar that is designed to withstand higher pitched tunings, please consider our C1 ¼, C1 ½, and our Requinto 580.
You can find this at Guitar Center

Now I don’t want you to think I’m partial to Cordoba cuz out of all my guitars I only own one, so hopefully I’ve put this to bed for you.
Okay so its just a little more than twice the cost of the other two guitars but! it not only looks good you can see the difference in quality.
Its sound was not loud but good, tone was very good. It was a lot easier to play above the 5th and 7th frets, still better with open chordings.
Again they didn’t mention a case or bag coming with this guitar as I said stand on them and they will give you one.
This is a nylon string guitar which is better I think for a beginner guitarist. For these reasons I give:

My Rating of: 4 out of 5 Starz


Acoustic Guitar Reviews

Well thats it’s here. These three guitars were buy no means all that there is in the guitar world for beginners. There are so may more makes and models out there to choose from. In doing this particular Acoustic Guitar Reviews for beginners (and I mean children) it was to bring to mind that cheaper isn’t always the best way to go when choosing a first time instrument for your children to start and learn on. What is I think is their comfort with the guitar, how it feels to them, is it easy for them to press the strings on the neck and strum and pluck etc.

Hey thanks for making it this far. Look if you like this kind of none tech kinda review, let me know down in the comments below. I do welcome all comments and yep even hate mail I’ll answer as well. I do look forward to talking to as many as I can so please leave me a comment.



Here’s a video of some children playing acoustic guitar. Talent is talent regardless of the bad nature of the country from which these children live. At the very least they should have been given guitar sizes for their age. Please enjoy this and don’t forget to leave a comment.


7 thoughts on “Guitar For Beginners-New Starz With Little Hands

  1. Lace

    Hi I just ran across your website. I really like know what to look for in guitars and/or custom guitars.
    Very good information here and I look forward to your up dates. Thanks

  2. Nicoals Ganea

    are you able to show an example of a bad sound of a guitar compared to a good one? I know your explaining it, but helping people hear it helps too.
    Would you suggest going to the store and finding that guitar that you want then going online to buy it, or otherwise will I have to tune the guitar if I get it from online?

    1. admin

      Hey Nicoals,
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment. You know thats exactly what I would do, find that guitar at the music store. Try it out and if it feels good and sounds like you want it to then by all means if you can find a better price online order it. When you receive this guitar I would take it to a guitar shop and get it set up for you. I would strongly suggest you get some kind of insurance for it while its being shipped to you. If your dealing with a custom guitar builder he will require that you do before it leaves his shop. You have a really good idea on looking for a good and bad sound for an example. I will look more into it.
      Hope to see you on here again. Thx

  3. PatriciaOa

    This is a great tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere. Short but very precise info… Many thanks for sharing this one. A must read post!

    1. Markus Post author

      Patricia your far to kind, that was some good info. to have especially when you have children who want to play guitar. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Please come back an see us again.

  4. Markus Post author

    Well thank you Clemmie, the circle of fifths can be challenging. But with a little patenience one can get through it.
    Keep practicing and you will get it.Glad you found me through StumbleUpon, I do look forward to your return to tell me how you done with practice.

    Thanks 🙂


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