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Artists  Tools Of Their Trade

All of the guitarists at Treble Clef Reviews are what we call top tier players, most are well known in their own right besides being a Famous Guitarists.  The idea here is to show you those World Renowned Guitarists that also play these Custom Guitars that are showcased here at Treble Clef Reviews.

The guitarists on this list don’t just play these guitars on every song they perform as I recall (from working shows for many artists ) they have racks full of guitars, and some players change guitars on every song in their set list depending on what sound or feel their trying to get.

So take a look at these guitarist and what they play, maybe your favorite artists will show up here at Treble Clef Reviews and you will be able to see what guitar he/she played on your favorite songs. And for whatever reason you could just have an “AH Ha” moment and know what guitar made that sound.


 John Mayer

Other than being a great performer/songwriter John Mayer is also a very good guitarists. And he’s on a list with other Great Guitarists. You do not have to look far into the guitar world to come across his name and/or his influence in the music scene.

Normally I would only put one video up here to showcase a guitar that was being played by a performing artist. But this is truly an exceptional Acoustic Guitar. So I thought I would take the liberty and give you three to look at. Please enjoy. For the collector or guitar enthusiast in you, Get Your Martin Here.

John Mayer with Martin Guitar at NAMM – Talking About Martins 00-42SC John Mayers Stagecoach Guitar

John Mayer at NAMM – Test Driving His New Martin Stagecoach Guitar 

John Mayer Performing Shadow Days – Played On The, Martin 00-42SC John Mayer Guitar