ESP Acoustic Guitars-Jason C Miller

Jason Charles Miller – Here to Kill the Pain

One don’t have to go far to find Top Entertainers like Jason Charles Miller who play Acoustic Electric Guitars built by ESP.

With as much ease you can find these guitars in every style or genre of music.

These are quality sounding guitars, but I don’t expect anything less from ESP.
What your hearing here is a ESP LTD George Lynch Signature Series GL-J1ES Acoustic.

 A Bit About Jason

I’m only going to tell a few things about Jason as I’d much rather you go to his website and take a look there.
Jason is a very accomplished performer, musician, songwriter, singer and yes he’s even voice actor.

Unlike many of todays artists that mostly just perform and write songs, Jason Charles Miller in his career branched out and worked in many of the industries opportunities.

I’ve listen to him on country stations for a while now. And you know! I like his music it’s southern rock to me.
It’s funny because you’d think the front man for Godhead wouldn’t be interested in country music.
But as you can hear on his new album Natural Born Killer he clearly has country blood running in his veins.

And being from Clifton Virginia these are truly his roots. Jason has toured with many of the great artists, he’s been in magazines like Billboard, Rolling Stone and Guitar World, which I read a lot.

 Final Thought

Well there you have it. Here at Treble Clef Reviews I will always strive to find an artists that are playing the guitars being shown here. These guitars are of good quality and sound.

And we now know that Jason Charles Miller also likes playing ESP Acoustic Electric Guitars as well. Until the next time my friends.





2 thoughts on “ESP Acoustic Guitars-Jason C Miller

  1. Larry Gove

    Hey Markus
    I can’t visit your site no more, makes me want to go out and buy one. You got too many toys, and I’m drooling over here!!
    I shared all social media and enjoyed the video.

    One thing from lessons. Some kind of pic or video with you and guitar. Suppose to help make that audience connection.

    Very nice website!! Now I know where to come and get ideas.
    Good writing!! Feel like I’m in the room with ya.
    Hope this helps

    1. Markus Post author

      Ha haha you got the bug now and you’ll be back. Your a guitar player and like guitars thats what it all about. Like you and many others I like ESP as well.
      You must have saw my pic in the about page, the swim suit is more appropriate as this is for those who like guitars and nothing to do with
      Thank you for the complement and you come back and get some ideas anytime you need. Thanks for stopping by Larry.
      Thanks 🙂


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