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So your wanting Cool Guitar Graphics to be on your new guitar? With the right Luthier your custom artwork can look better on a custom design.

I’m just throwing out a thought for you. When your getting that artwork done have you ever considered having the design reworked so it more reflects you?

If your all about making a statement even with your gear, then here are a few ideas to consider.

Custom Guitar Artwork

I’m sure that you are aware that you can get your guitar customized by any of the Major Guitar Manufacturers out there. So you know you have more options than the big companies, I’ve compiled just a small list of folks you can look at what they can do for you.

I’ve intentionally kept this article small with the hopes of growing it as time goes on. If you have any Luthiers that do a lot of custom work let me know and I will add it to this post.

With a little luck and time we’ll have a rather big list of shops we can get our custom guitar artwork done or maybe get a new ideas on what kind of designs we might like.

Here are the ones I’ve chosen to start with. You can also follow the links provided for you if you like what they do. And so you know, I don’t gain from these products at all.

Goddess Acoustic Series


Cool Guitar Graphics

If Inlay and Artwork are something that you would like. Then Minarik Guitars looks like they have some very talented craftsmen working there.

And if you look through their site you’ll find that they do more than just inlay.

Bohemian Guitars – Motor Oil (BOHO Series)

I think that you would agree, that was a good sounding guitar. Not to mention the design is very unique. You might want to see what else Bohemian Guitars are customizing.

Kala – Stringed Instrument of a Different Kind


Uke’s With Cool Guitar Graphics

Now it looks as though Kala Brand Music puts these Ukes under Novelty Ukes. They also carry guitars and I’m thinking they can customize those as well. It might be a good place to check. After looking at this custom uke I need an umbrella drink now. lol

Have You Seen Your Vagina!


Vagina Without Cool Guitar Graphics

Oh! get your mind out of the gutter. I just couldn’t resist that one.:) There was only a few custom guitars on their site to look at but!

The guitars looked interesting enough. There wasn’t much artwork or inlay on their models to speak of, but still these are very clean custom built guitars look for yourself!

You might want to keep an eye on Vagina Guitars and see what they come up with. Besides that, they have a really good tag line for the company that you should go see.

Some Final Thoughts


Markus on Cool Guitar Graphics

Well there you go a short post about unique guitar designs and custom guitar artwork. I hope you enjoyed the pictures on Cool Guitar Graphics.

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Leave me a Comment, on your favorite guitar artwork or inlays.

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2 thoughts on “Cool Guitar Graphics – Take BackSeat to Design Features

  1. Jason Thomas

    Hi Markus, I’d absolutely love a custom guitar, something completely unique to me. I was recently given a Fender Telecaster which although is original, it is made up from different models, it has a different neck to what came with the body and the pickups are upgraded. I’m not complaining though, it makes it completely unique and sounds lovely.

    The Goddess acoustic looks nice, almost too nice to play. I’d be scared of scratching or marking it, as you inevitably do with a new guitar.

    The one thing I’m not a fan of and I don’t get at all, is the whole relic thing. Plenty of people pay an absolute fortune for custom guitars that are deliberately beaten, tarnished, scratched and dented to make it appear old, as the name relic implies. I can’t really get my head around this idea, because most dings on instruments have stories and memories behind them. Relic’d guitars don’t!


    1. Markus Post author

      Well hello there Jay, good to see you here again. The Goddess acoustic guitar as you point out is nice, but I wouldn’t want to play it either.
      There are some people most of whom are collectors,that like all this artwork and inlays etc.
      These folks who get their guitars with all this Cool Guitar Graphics done, usually don’t play them professionally daily but rather hang them on a wall or case them.
      I think most of us that play all the time care more about the design features of the instrument than the artwork.

      I’m so with you on that whole scene of buying a guitar that looks like its been well used. It just seems pointless to me.
      Some of my best guitars through the years have been ones I got from players who used them well. Like you, I like the story behind the guitar more than the looks.
      Jay thanks for giving us a shout here, its always a pleasure when you show up. Come back and see me soon.

      Thanks 🙂


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