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What The Beatles Could Learn From Online Guitar Teachers

Did You Wake Up This Morning With This Kind Of Talent?

Musical Genius – Usman Riaz

Didn’t Think So and Neither Did I

By the time you get done hearing Usman play for us, you will have had time to read this post.
So going forward I feel it only right that you know that Usman Riaz originally never had Online Guitar Teachers. Because acoustic guitar wasn’t  his first instrument of choice.

But rather his first instrument was piano. So first and foremost he  is a Classically Trained rosePianist.
The guitar work he learned on his own by looking on the internet. But my point here is Usman has a solid foundation by which to pull from, to learn how to play the guitar. And thats all I’m trying to convey to you below…

Guitar Teachers are easy to find. A quick search on the web will yield thousands of results for online guitar teachers. But!  how do you known when you find one that matches your needs and expectations? Here are some tips that will hopefully help you find the most suitable guitar teacher!


5 Tips For Finding Online Guitar Teachers

  1. Stay away from dodgy websites and sketchy content: In most cases, a poor quality service is easy to spot: unprofessional and unskilled guitar teachers will usually promise you the world with sentences such as “You’ll play like Jimi Hendrix in no time”. Nobody can turn you into a guitar hero over night, and if they claim they can do that…stay away!
  2. Make sure your potential guitar teacher caters to your niche, style or circumstance. Are you a kid starting out? An adult trying to make up for lost time and finally got yourself a 6-string? What ever the case, find someone who can “speak your language” and resonate with your situation.
  3. If you are planning to take online guitar lessons, make sure the teacher’s schedule is compatible with yours and that he offers reliable means of communication, so that you can easily connect and do your thing!
  4. It doesn’t hurt to scour the web for reviews, comments and opinions from previous students and guitarists in general. Someone could point you towards the right directions!
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for free try-out lessons – any respectable teacher will offer you at least a free session!

I’ve gone to some great detail here as to find Guitar Teachers that I believe fit the mold of being a Renowned Teacher here at Treble Clef Reviews. Through a very stringent vetting process I was able to determine the right Guitar Teachers and their Courses to represent us here.

 Finer Points

Some of the criteria they had to meet was not at all about their lessons but rather about steve-vaithem.

  • Were they well known in the industry?
  • Are they themselves educated in music and/or what ever instrument is being taught? And the two main issues I wanted was…
  • How accessible is the Teacher.
  • And lastly do they have any Free Guitar Lessons available?

Let me break this down just a little bit for you

  • As a student you need to be able to talk to and/or show how your progressing along.
  • Just as importantly the Guitar Teacher has to have a way to show you how to correct yourself.
  • Also vital to your growth is to have a way in place to be able to perform in front of your class.

Free Guitar Lessons – Anyone!james-taylor

Most all the Online Guitar Teachers here are going to have some form of Free Guitar Lessons and/or tips or extras available.
We all like free, we all want free as do I. But lets not let free be the sole foundation of our music education.

That foundation is in the lessons of the Online Guitar Teachers.


Lastly let me leave you with a thought. Oh Yea !

For no particular reason I was think of Steve Vai ( who by the way trained at Berklee) as I was writing this out. Although he’s had an amazing career, I’m sure if asked he’d say that some part of his music education (as any other tool) has helped in honing his craft.

I do hope that this has helped inspire you to learn. And I will continue to find Online Guitar Teachers that are worthy of you. Come back and see us here at Treble Clef Reviews again.

How do you really know your a musician at heart or is this a hobby for you?  Leave me a comment and I will talk to you later :).