American Made Acoustic Guitars – When it Matters

In my quest to find us good quality guitars to look at I have literally found them in just about american-made-acoustic-guitarsevery country on the planet.

Quality we do have some American Made Acoustic Guitars that we can really boast about.

No we’re not talking the main stream builders here in the US. Instead in this post, what we’re looking at will be an acoustic guitar crafted by a smaller independent Master Luthier right here in our own state of Oregon.

Today we are going to take a look at a Kraut Guitar, Model OM #41. Raymond Kraut is the Master Luthier behind this beautiful instrument and as far as American Made Acoustic Guitars go, I think it’s up there with the best guitars crafted in the world.

Master Luthier

I’ve included a video with information about Raymond Kraut below. Then lets see if we could agree after we take a look at this stunningly crafted Custom Guitar.

Raymond Kraut The Craftsman



What Kind of Sound Do You Want

I go to the music store to try out new guitars as do most of you I presume. And for a few hours I sound-goodwill rifle through a bunch of acoustic guitars just looking for that one. I always seem to do the same thing and that is, if its good to look at I will try it out. I can not tell you how many times I’ve been disappointed with that approach. It felt wrong, it didn’t chord well, it was awkward and hard to play. But the biggest bummer of all, the sound wasn’t balanced as far as I was concerned. You see I like a big full sound. You might say well you like a lot of low and mids. I do but I like the highs in there as well. I do believe after you Listen to the Kraut OM #41 you will agree that it has a big balanced sound.


Built For You

for-youFrom everything I’ve researched, Raymond Kraut designed and hand crafted this instrument with the musician in mind. This was refreshing to find out, as so many builders seem to incorporate into their build some designs of top guitarists they endorse. According to Raymond it’s built with Brazilian Rosewood and European Spruce with this pairing of woods is one of the reasons why this guitar is good for any style of playing. It’s built to a 25 1/4 scale which Raymond claims is optimal playing comfort and tension on the guitar soundboard. He uses a 20” fingerboard radius and that paired with the scale length makes this custom acoustic guitar play as                                                                                                 easy as any electric guitar.


Details of Build

Many folks like specs so I thought I would jot down a few here for you. To find out more of these specs you can go to Kraut Guitars there you can also find out much more about all their custom guitars.

  • Shape-classical
  • Back and Sides – brazilian rosewood
  • Custom Rosette – alder burl and spalted maple
  • Custom Pegged – ebony and brazilian rosewood

Is This One For You

So maybe after reading this and giving the guitar a listen to you might be thinking that well! American Made Acoustic Guitars just could be the way to go for you. And if you do then,  kraut-om#41-guitar

















Take a Closer Look at This Kraut OM #41 Acoustic Guitar. This is a visually pleasing and very Big Sounding Acoustic Guitar from what I can see of it. I know one thing from experience, I would want to first sit down and play this guitar and if your thinking about it then thats my suggestion to you. But if you can’t do that then get ahold of Raymond Kraut at Kraut Guitars and talk to him.

Look this guitar is not for everybody, but it just might be for you. And if it is I’m really glad you can get one, maybe some day I can convince you to let me play it (right lol)
Most of us is going to have to save a few more dimes to get what acoustic guitar we want, instead of settling for what we can get right now. But when that day comes lets think of Raymond Kraut and the Model OM #41 and lets go see what he can build us at:

I do hope you have enjoyed this little review. If you have one of these guitars will you please leave a comment for me about it.  Or if you have a custom acoustic guitar, what is it and what do you like about it, leave your answer in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you .













22 thoughts on “American Made Acoustic Guitars – When it Matters

  1. Ty Jord

    Thanks for the great informational post, that guitar is a “beaut”.

    Will be looking out for more from you.

    Best of luck.

    1. Markus Post author

      Hey Ty well thanks. Yep This guitar that he builds is a piece of art as well. The quality of a Kraut Guitar is truly surpassed by none.Look to see you here again Ty.


  2. Wayne

    I am a big music lover and play a little bit of piano myself. There is a big difference in the sound of any instrument that’s built well verses something that not.

    Thanks for the great article.

    1. Markus Post author

      Hey Wayne,
      Sure glad you stopped by. Unlike you and I a lot of people don’t think of the sound as one of the first qualities they should be considering. See you back soon.

    1. Markus Post author

      Thanks for checking on us here Kendrick. There will be some more great guitars coming. Come back and give them a look.

  3. Tinnakon

    Hi Markus it is nice to read your information. I personally play classical guitar solo for over 20 years and I own some guitar with all solid wood which produce deep and mind tone. The longer the guitar is used on playing the nicer sound it will improved, this is owing to my experience and from many guitarist. Your Kraut OM #41 Acoustic Guitar looks good and I would be more exciting if you can share some video that has it played in the concert or solo.

    1. Markus Post author

      Hey Tinnakon so nice to have a fellow guitarist here. I did get a solo performance (not in a concert setting) of Mau Lao on the Famous Guitarists page. I think your right and I will look for some concert performance with that guitar being played.If you find something yourself please let me know.

    1. Markus Post author

      Bryon, I know what you mean. Most of them to me are truly works of art in themselves. Glad this was helpful for you. Look forward to you checking us out every now and then.

  4. Hari

    Very nice info here Markus, I too love hearing the sound of the guitar wide and clear, I often see it’s voice subsides behind other instruments and it plays the role of just contributing to the main theme, however it is always awesome to hear its specific sound coming out distinctly while being a part of the whole thing as well..thank you so much for this post..!!

    1. Markus Post author

      Your very welcome Hari. Being a musician myself I know where your coming from. Most of the time what ever the song is calling for is generally whats considered when deciding what instruments will be out front.
      Personally like a Piano Bar type setting I like guitar music in that setting where its just that and no more. Good stuff there! Thanks Hari and come back and see us, I will be putting up some more great sounding guitars.

  5. Chris

    I play a little guitar and own acoustic and electrics guitars. I play them quite well but always take for granted the craftsmanship that goes into making them.

    Really enjoyed reading this. A lot of hidden talent goes on behind the scenes which is more often than not overlooked.

    Great post.



    1. Markus Post author

      Hello Chris, you know I agree. It really does take years for these Luthiers to master their craft. And I’m glad that people like you recognize that there is a talent there. Look to talk with you again.

  6. Manuel Washington

    This such a clean looking site. I love the images you provided. They are very clear and put in great places to draw interest to your website and made it very personal looking .

    These were a few topic I enjoyed reading about:
    What Kind of Sound Do You Want?
    Take a Closer Look at This Kraut OM #41 Acoustic Guitar.

    It also provided me with several blogs that you wrote:
    American Made Acoustic Guitars – When it Matters
    Guitar For Beginners-New Starz With Little Hands
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    But I guess the main things is the clarity and cleanliness of the site itself. Outstanding to say the least. I would say this site is one of the best I have looked at so far and appreciate the work you have done on it.

    A few tips:
    1. Don’t mess it up. It is beautifully constructed.
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    I hope I have added a quality comment to your comment section. I know the spiders love it.

    Have you been in the business very long? You have a tremendous background and passion for playing since childhood, do you make your own?

    I have left a few questions for you to comment on here. The dialogue in our comments helps the Google spiders out and I figured this is a good way to give them the spider food they need.

    This a super site and I will take some of the things you have done and work on my site a little more as well. Thanks again for the invite and the best to you.

    1. Markus Post author

      Hey Manuel, well thank you so much for taking a look here. Like you I also like a clean site thats easy to get around.Thanks for the tips as well, I will be taking a look at them.
      Yes I have been in the business in one form or another for a very long time. If I wasn’t performing then I was writing or recording, traveling and/or sitting in. As of late I’ve slowed down so I could build this site as you know it takes a tremendous amount of work.Passion for playing? Yep all my friends growing up never knew what they wanted to be and I can’t remember when I didn’t want to be a musician.I’ll come over for a visit see you there. Come back and see us and thanks for your kind comments.

  7. Lace Tomus

    I like these guitars. Its good to know there is more than a couple guitar makers here in the US. I was listening to Mau play this guitar on your other page and I to like how it sounds. How good is Mau Lao’s playing omg he’s good. Like your site will be back.


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