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Taylor Guitars “New 800 Series”- Rebirth


Red Carpet Treatment For Taylor Guitars

Among the Taylor 800 series guitars, the 814ce is the bestselling guitar model. Below is a Taylor 814ce Acoustic Guitar Review.

For decades, Taylor Guitars continues to advance both in the instruments that it develops as well as its architecture. The company has redesigned its widespread 800 series guitars.

As with fine wine acoustic guitars also get better with age and in todays age we go get a facelift, just to tidy things up a bit with all that fineness!

Now I don’t know how you improve perfection but Taylor Guitars has done it and wow does the 814ce look and sound even better than it’s predecessor. So take a look below ready? Lights, Camera, Action!


Sauntering Down The Runway Overview


The 814ce Taylor Acoustic Guitar is an ultimate all-purpose guitar. It is warm, balanced and articulately great for finger-style. If you are a guitarist who is seeking for a guitar that covers it all, look no further than the 814ce.

It has a new custom calibrated Elixir HD Light string gauge set and customized bracing. Some of the premium selections include rosewood top-edge trim, maple binding & back strip, a marbled fret-board, and others.


Freshened Up Designer Ware 



i. Shape: Grand Auditorium (GA)

This is Taylor Guitars’ most popular & versatile body shape. It was designed to be used by both finger stylists and flatpickers. The GA produces an original acoustic voice which is big enough to handle medium-strength strumming and picking whilst maintaining a remarkable balance across the tonal-spectrum.

The overall presence of GA blends well with the other instruments in a studio mix as well as onstage. A good number of songwriters have embraced its utility for both composing & traveling with single guitar.If you are seeking for a wonderful all-purpose guitar, try the multi-dimensional GA.


ii. Wood: Indian Rosewood

Indian Rosewood is among the most popular & traditional guitar woods of all time. It expands the basic thumbprint of mahogany in both directions. Indian Rosewood sounds brighter on the top-end and deeper in the low-end.

If you visually take a look at rosewood’s frequency range, its middle would appear more scooped & yielding lower midrange bloom than the mahogany.

The vintage heritage of rosewood has helped to establish the acoustic legacy of rosewood. Rosewood maintains an iconic status in music circles by preserving traditional sound which brings a sense of authenticity to the music.

You can flatpick it, fingerpick it, and strum it; in other words, you can rely on it to deliver due to its consistence.

Whether you like a traditional acoustic sound or a guitar with a brighter treble and fuller low end, rosewood is the type of wood that will do the trick.

iii. Electronics: Expression System 2orange-with-groove-on

This is the world-shattering pickup design which exhibits the latest ongoing innovation of Taylor Guitars in regards to the amplification of acoustic guitars. The brand-named behind-the-saddle pickup for Taylor features three pickup sensors which are uniquely positioned & individually calibrated.

The three transducer sensors of the system have been repositioned to behind-the-saddle so as to considerably ease downward pressure while capturing more of the natural movement of the saddle.

The system uses its professional audio-grade preamp to produce incomparable amplified tone and responsiveness. The controls stay unchanged; that is, a simple, user-friendly set of knobs for the volume, treble and bass which is discreetly mounted on the upper bass bout near the neck.

iv. Cutaway: Venetian

The Venetian cutaway is popular for its soft and round lines. The cutaway’s sloping peak varies with the guitar’s shape. Whereas the jumbo and dreadnought are somewhat flatter, the Grand Auditorium possesses a steeper slope.


Poetry in Motion

treble-clef-reviews-heartThe tone of this new 814ce acoustic guitar conveys more personality and character than before. It now possesses richer midrange, sweet & bell-like treble, as well as non-boomy bass response which is a bit looser.

The 814ce acoustic guitar is fit for all kinds of playing including the aggressive pick-strummed rhythms as well as the delicate finger-style.

Taylor continues to pay attention to detail while maintaining high quality craftsmanship at the high standards of the excellence for the company.

Even though the neck maintains its thin profile and comfortable playability, the new profile nearly possesses a worn-in feel as if someone has been playing it for 10 years or more. The custom-gauge strings of 614ce offer an ideally balanced and consistent amount of tension from one string to the other.

This is particularly great for flat-picking single-note lines since it doesn’t require you to compensate your method for excessively slinky or tight strings.




Containing Taylor’s most all-inclusive overall tone-enhancing refinements, there is no doubt that the new 814ce acoustic guitar is going to elevate the status of the model as one of the most satisfying and successful flattop acoustic guitars of modern times. This summarizes all that you need to know about the 814ce in this acoustic guitar review.

As with most of these Acoustic Guitar Reviews I do and will continue to do. I like to leave you with a few thoughts.
1. Is this Taylor one of your favorite Custom Acoustic Guitar?
2. Do you have a certain Acoustic Guitar you would like to see reviewed here at Treble Clef Reviews?
3. As the commercial goes: “Whats in Your Guitar Case”?

Let me know as I look forward to it, talk to ya later.





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    1. Markus Post author

      Shannon thanks so much for stopping by. As a general rule guitars aren’t complicated. When it can get that way is when you start considering owning a Custom Guitar. Now your talking about a piece of crafted art in it’s self, so then you gotta consider who built it and what the build is. Of coarse this process starts after you determine first what it is you need in that instrument. Normally though if your not going with a custom instrument you can just find one that feels good to you. Come back and see us soon.

    2. Jann

      This is cool! I grew up hearing my brother playing guitar for fun. He will really appreciate this site! Great work you did here.

      1. Markus Post author

        Jann thanks for stopping in. Tell your brother I’m sure he likes Taylor Guitars as well.
        We have a list of European guitars lined up to look at and still to come more American Made Acoustic Guitars.
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    Hey Markus,
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    All The Best,

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      Marant whats up? Good of you to stop by.I’m sorry you missed it. Thanks for the complement on the Taylor piece, I do have two other parts to it coming out shortly. I do hope you take a look at them.
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  4. Chris

    This is really excellent stuff. I am a keen player of the guitar. I find though a lot of effort and dedication goes into learning how to play and the actual make up and expertise that goes into making these wonderful instruments is more often than not overlooked.

    Great website.



    1. Markus Post author

      So true Chris many times we as guitarist forget that the instrument we perform with is indeed at crafted piece of art, created by another artist. Thanks for stopping by and will talk when you return here.:)

  5. Kathy

    There are a number of acoustic guitars in our family and all have different tones. I’m trying to remember the name of my son’s one which I paricularly like but I don’t think it’s an American made acoustic guitar. It has a rich mellow sound whereas the one my daughter has a more sharp twangy tone. An interesting article which I’ll share with my music loving family and when I remember which models they are I’ll let you know! 🙂

    1. Markus Post author

      Hey Kathy thanks for stopping by. Well find out and get back here to let me know. Better yet send them by so we can find out what they have. I look forward to your return.
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