Acoustic Guitar Tuner Review

The Pros I Have About This TunerTuner pic

So this is going to be a review on an Acoustic Guitar Tuner, the Intellitouch PT40 Rechargeable Tuner, which I have been using for years. Now I do have other tuners as well. But this one is with me all the time. It is the “best clip acoustic guitar tuner” that I have come across in a long while.

Are You In Tune

Most of us players already know how to “tune the guitar without the tuner” and if your a beginner taking lessons from a professional teacher you will be taught how to do this as well. Training your ear to hear those notes is still the best way to tune your guitar.

Usually when we’re using these it’s in a place where we can’t hear like playing a show or practicing, then we need to see if the string is truly in tune. The Intellitouch PT40 is good in the dark as well because it has a backlight on the display. This tuner is easy to use in a noisy room or during a performance as it ignores all background noise.

Good Vibrations

As far as these “guitar clip tuners” go this tuner is very functional, it clips on your guitar, it has arrow display, the clamp is very strong. This comes with a rechargeable battery that you can plug right into the USB port and charge it quick. It also comes with the charging cable.

The Intellitouch PT40 Tuner works on the instruments vibration instead of it sound. I have used it on all my instruments and it has been very good on almost all my stringed instruments.

There Are a Few Cons I Have About This Tuner.

1. In direct sunlight, sometimes it’s hard to see the arrows on the display.
2. Once in awhile on my Bass Guitar I get an inaccurate reading, very close though.

All in all this is a very reliable tuner, I do recommend you go get yourself one.
As it will become an asset to your tool bag.
Find the Intellitouch PT40 Rechargeable Tuner with USB Charger Black
In most of your local music store’s but most of the time you can get it cheaper at:
Price: $35.95
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Starz

If you have this Intellitouch tuner, hows it working out for you?  If you have any comments on this  Acoustic Guitar Tuner or know of a better one let me know it so we can talk about it.

Well thats my thought for the day. I do hope that you’ve enjoyed this Review and please come back and see me.




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