Guitars In Treble Clef Reviews

treble-clef-reviewsThere are many places one could find a great guitar. But who are their creators? Let’s find the worlds most sought after guitar makers and see their Custom Guitars In Treble Clef Reviews.

In doing so it is our hope here at Treble Clef Reviews to bring more of a public awareness to the Master Luthiers and the custom pieces they make.

Both guitars and Luthiers are here together in the, Guitars In Treble Clef Reviews section.

Luthiers Of Choice

We’ll find these guitars and builders at the Guitars In Treble Clef Reviews Section. Most of us already know the common big corporate guitar companies out there. And most of them are Custom Guitar makers as well. All of them have their stories about the design and build of the custom guitars that they craft.

We won’t leave them out of these pages at all, but will more often take a look at their guitars and the luthiers behind the instrument.

Sometimes there are a limited number built and released to the public, but most of the time they are mass produced, then marketed to us. Are they great guitars? of coarse they are. Looking at it though if only a limited number of these guitars were built then released, these would be the Custom Guitars from the bigger builders.

On the flip side of this coin is a host of well known Luthiers that most of us have never heard ofluthier and never searched for. These craftsman are every bit as good of builders as the one’s with the big companies.

In the truest sense these are Artisans, as they do build all their guitars by hand. And they tend to only build a limited number of any certain guitar model for the year.

10 to 15 guitars per year maybe. No two guitars would be the same when its build by hand, so any guitar they make would be considered a Custom Guitar.

Do they build custom Gibson, Fender, Guild, Rickenbacker etc.? Yes they do. The idea here is to bring to light these incredible instruments, because they are every bit as much of a piece of Art as the Art that is performed on them.


Are Custom Guitars For Everyone

I think if we were to ask every guitar maker that question they would say yes. But in reality not everyone can afford these types of instruments. And let’s face it most of us drive Chevys and Fords but we all have those friends that have a Mercedes or BMW as well. Cars are made for one purpose, to get you from point A. to point B. This is all they do, so why is there a need for that BMW?

I guess those folks would say its because they can. We might have to ask people who love cars as much as we love guitars on this one. lol

Really we will be looking at all makes and models of guitars here. Just a little Disclaimer Here:

Some will be what we’d call Custom Guitars and some not so Custom. Some of these guitars here will be very expensive yet there will be many that are not. So whether you’re a collector, enthusiast, performer, student or you just learn and play guitar at home there’s something here for you.

If you’re like me and I’m pretty sure you are. We like to look at guitars and thats what this is really all about. Showing you interesting guitars by different makers.

Below is a review you can expect to see each month on Luthiers and their Custom Guitars.

Martin 00-42SC John Mayer Acoustic Review 

Martin 00-42SC John Mayer Guitar

Construction: Mahogany Blocks/Dovetail Neck Joint, Body Size: 00-12 Fret, Top: Solid Sitka Spruce

I remember popping into the local music store that carried Martin Guitars. And as always I find myself in the acoustic section trying out the new models of guitars that come around. Had to go get the salesman to come and get it out of the locked case, he was going to hang around till I told him I would come and get him again when I was done test driving this new Martin.

All that I was told about this guitar, is that it was inspired by the Martin 00-45SC and that they (Martin) worked with John Mayer to develop the 00-42SC.john-mayer

This was a very easy guitar to play. It had good action, as it didn’t take much pressure to fret the guitar like some other brands do. I thought the harmonics were very good, the volume and sustain was good as well.

All in all it had a powerful sound to it. I’m a rhythm player pretty much (that likes to fingerpick a lot) and I found that strumming this guitar was okay but when I fingerpicked it this acoustic guitar came alive. It just sang like a bird, crystal clear, good volume, lots of power with a good amount of sustain.

Expensive I Know –
But Well Worth It

Let me continue by saying, the Martin 00-42SC  John Mayer Acoustic Guitar is a good all around guitar to have. It would be your go to in a live performance. It also would be good for recording or tracking your doing. Or yes! you can hang it on a wall, cause we all know some of those people who don’t play but they buy expensive guitars to show their friends and thats okay too.

Now I’m not saying this should be your first instrument you buy for yourself, you would probably be better off finding a cheaper guitar. But for those of us who have been around playing and owning these custom guitars for awhile, this Martin Guitar would be one to have around all the time.

And like fine wine this 00-42SC Acoustic Guitar will sound better and cost more with the passing of time.

In Conclusion of Review

Just a few more things about this guitar. Have you ever been to The Bird Cage Saloon in Tombstone Arizona?

I have, and being a performer I noticed how small those saloons really were in the day. When I was playing this guitar it did feel and look small but I for one like that.

Anyway SC stands for Stagecoach, this acoustic guitar takes you back to this era where buildings were a lot smaller. Mostly though these styles of guitars  accompanied wagon trains, riders on horse back and stagecoaches.

It was the right size in those places, to bring people together for a little get togethers, and some sing alongs, or entertainment as we call it today. You’ll like this guitar go play it at your local music store. Or contact Martin Guitar for availability.

Great Look and Sound For a Stagecoach Guitar

I do hope you like this Guitar Review and we’ll see you again soon.
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Starz

What Does Your Favorite Artist Play

In our quest to find out what guitar is our perfect fit! I have included the Famous Guitarists Section. Just a cool place to look at the artists that inspires us. We all have our favorite players. This is a great section to see what make or model of guitar is being played. And if a particular artist is talking about their Custom Guitar, then I like to hear why they had it made and watch them play it.

We all like to watch our favorite artist play anyway.
For every guitar that comes up here we will buddy-guy-picbe looking to find a video with our favorite artist playing it.

It just might be that there is no main stream artist playing this guitar, in this case we will find an artist thats not main stream and then show that video.

The bottom line is we want to showcase the guitar and listen to it.

Beginners Guide To Finding The Right Teacher

I’m a big proponent on music education in most any form.
In the Renowned Teachers Sectionrobert-conti we will strive to find the very best in the industry to learn from.

This section will act like a guide in that there will be a direct link to these teachers lessons. Also included in this section will be some of the most talented and notable teachers that give you free guitar lessons (usually basics).

We’ll get all the best educators we can find in that section so you have the best of all worlds, all in one place. You might be surprised at what famous guitarist has lessons available. Check it out.

Lets Take a Look Before You Act

If there’s any magic here this is where it could happen. The Reviews Section is just what it’s suggesting. But it could also include other things pertaining to the music industry besides Custom Guitars, Luthiers or Teachers. This is the blog roll, and I will be posting once a week (maybe more). These Reviews are nothing more than my opinion on some product or service, but if I’ve helped you make a informed decision in any way then I’ll feel good about it and sleep at night.

4 NoteworthyTips

Treble Clef Reviews is a place to come and look at beautiful hand crafted Custom Guitars and the Luthiers that build them. I find beauty in most all guitars and thats why Custom Guitars of any make or model will be here if I can find it, then I’ll show it.

Most of you guitar players, enthusiast or collectors already know this but it would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention this right now for everyone else.

  • Go find the guitar you think you want, and play it a few times before you buy it.
  • Your local music store don’t always have the best deal check other sources for deals.
  • If your guitar has to be shipped to you, buy insurance for it.
  • Beginners ask your teacher what the best guitar is for you, to do his classes

Lastly I want to know what your favorite guitar is. Or do you have a Custom Guitar you could show us ? Who’s your favorite teacher ?

I’ll answer all that I can in the comments on the Reviews section. Go leave me something there.

I look forward to talking with you.